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From mike to everyone в 13:15, 01/09/09 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

This is without doubt an excellent site - I can not find an area where people can paste their successful encounters. I just got married to a Russian women in August this year - I'm from the UK. She is a wonderful person and I love her very much. The internet has made the world very small and it's now possible to meet or speak to anyone in the world. As apposed to 100 years ago when people rarely left their village. I thank you for making this a free site and keeping all the scum of it. Great job. Mike

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From Kostik to mike в 10:12, 02/09/09 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Congratulations Mike! I wish there were more stories/reports like that, both on this site and elsewhere. Now, of course, you need to drop all of your single man's habits (which we all have) and cherish, adore and enjoy your lady of choice What's her name? What city/town in Russia is she from? You 've found her on this site I assume. It would be interesting to see somebody I might 've encountered here getting married for real. Now since you 're impressed with the site, drop us a donation, ha-ha. J/K. Some people still never leave their village but are able to talk to all the world. Isn't that something?

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