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From James to everyone в 12:18, 06/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I notice that it is easy to accidentally blacklist a person who writes you a letter. The link to "blacklist" them is close to other links.

There also is no opportunity to cancel or reverse a blacklist. I have been the sad victim of a "self-inflicted" wound like this... accidentally blacklisting someone who wrote me.

My suggestion:

Make a popup "Are you sure you want to blacklist ....?"

Make the option to remove blacklist marks from people.


Edited: Ok, I see now that it is possible to edit blacklists under the "My Settings" link. (oops!)

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From nick to James в 09:10, 13/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I can only agreed more, the system once even listed me as a spammer, but Alexander fixed the bug, so it s important to have a reverse feature!

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