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From Dan to everyone в 01:57, 25/10/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi Jake Im communicated it with Anita 28 from Fairport USA some you I think you put her at scammer can you kindly up date me I have good honest feelings for that women and I do not want to be play Ill appreciated it very very much if you do until I hear from you sincerelly yours Daniel

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From Kostik to Dan в 06:47, 27/10/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi Dan! Nice to see you here and welcome to the board! Before you get all excited and start loosing your cool and your straight thinking head after exchanging some sentences with somebody on the other end of the line I recommend you slow down a bit and simply be a part of the game and watch around for some time. I promise you that after a while you most likely won't even have to ask others to shed light on a person of your interest and in most cases you will know yourself what you are dealing with. I know you haven't asked for advice and I don't mean to lecture you in any way or form, just a friendly suggestion. Having been around for some time I have seen quite a few men (and women alike) having been turned off of online dating because of having ONE negative experience and it is NOT good because online dating DOES work. You just need to approach it with the necessary tools and knowledge in your arsenal of skills, that's all.

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From Jake to Kostik в 03:19, 28/10/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Thanks Kostik. Sound advice!

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From Jake to Dan в 03:23, 28/10/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi Dan. Please see my response to your duplicate forum post in the Scammers section. Kostik gave you sound advice. The only other advice I could give would be to video chat with this person. This way, you can easily see if they are fake or not. Enjoy your time here and remember, dreams can come true. But keep both feet on the ground! Good luck buddy!

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