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From Walter to everyone в 20:26, 05/08/14 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I use Google Reverse Image search ( ) and I did a search on a few of the women at Kiev Connections and a few of them popped up as escorts on escort sites. For example, here is this woman: And here is her profile at some place called 'GIA': = = = As you can see in the pics, its the exact same lady, but with a different name and slightly different age. So are most of the women on these marriage agency sites really just escorts trying to find some fool to pay for dinner? ==== For example, here are comparison of her marriage photos compared to her Prostitution photos: Here are two photos of her with the same dress on, but slightly different photos: AND then this one from her escort site: === Then there are these two EXACT photos: AND then this one from her escort site: ---- ===== THAT GOOGLE SITE IS GREAT, it makes reverse-searching the Internet for matching photos a lot of fun. ======================= Here is another lady, 31yr Mila; and here is her photos on another escort agency:

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