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From absss to everyone в 15:45, 09/07/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

• The picaresque nature, coupled with clean and clear atmosphere is what makes Kerala god's own country. While talking about the beauty of this land, Backwaters of Kerala deserve special mentioning. • Kerala, the gods own country is specially known for its natural beauty. You can see the play of green where ever you look. One of the main reasons behind this natural exquisiteness is its rich water resources. • Kerala backwater tour will give you something magical to remember all your life. If you are recently married, this is the best place on earth to enjoy honeymoon. • Kerala is traditionally one of the most celebrated honeymoon destinations in India. No other place on earth will give you space to enjoy such a romantic honeymoon, like the backwaters of Kerala. • Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages are full packages of happiness and amusement. Kerala is the water world of India. It has 44 rivers, numerous lakes, ponds, streams and canals. • Kerala Backwaters are not only renowned for their beauty, but also famous for their cuisine. You can enjoy the taste of Kerala's own recipes. Karimeen Curry and Rice is an astounding recipe. • Before booking Kerala backwater tour packages, you must consider the quality of agency. We know the area very well and can bring you the most wonderful entertainment programs.

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