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joys priscilla
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From joys priscilla to everyone в 11:50, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

It would be nice to take a pill at night and wake up in the morning and find that all of that fat had just melted away while we slept. Then we could get up and go through the day eating whatever we want. That sounds great but the pills scare me. I am not sure what is in them and I have heard bad stories about people getting sick and dying from them. I decided to pass on the diet pills. I did not even consider surgery to lose weight because I am a big chicken. I do not want a band tightened up around my stomach or some powerful vacuum sucking the fat out of me. They claim it is fast and easy but at what cost to your health? There are too many things that could go wrong.

No Scammers
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From No Scammers to joys priscilla в 17:34, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Reported to and

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