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From john to Vanina в 17:41, 24/02/09 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I also came to the point that the agencies/in formal USSR countries!?/ have their "special" interest of keeping couples separately . Otherwise with all the dating sites available on the net why should exist on-line marriage agencies? I think it's not a good idea to discuss this issue here any more. Hope you will understand what I mean.

Vanina I understand what you mean perfectly, except to quote her horoscope Daily stars for today 24 February 2009 Certain situations have reached crisis point. Yet others don't see it that way, which means they've adopted a worryingly easy-going approach to urgent decisions. Discuss this with them frankly. And if they still refuse to acknowledge what needs to be done, talk things over, letting them know you'll simply have to make those decisions without them.

Pages: 321
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