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From john to everyone в 13:53, 12/03/09 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

"Reports continue to flow in. Guys have extensive correspondence with girls, contact them through other agencies and the girls have no idea who the guy is. Girls are admitting that the agency makes them sign a contract where they agree not to join other agencies, not to talk about correspondence with anyone and not to talk about how the agency operates. Read More here - I believe is trying to bring couples together so that the Russian and Ukrainian ladies can find their soul mates. So I am going to start this new thread and hope that it can reunite many couples that have meet via a dating agency (or maybe not) but at least the truth will come out. Just enter on this forum the city in Russia/Ukraine of the lady that you are looking for, their name and a link to the information that you have about them (which you can post on a page until Alekandr can provide a similar facility More work for you Alekandr Of course the idea can be expanded for ladies to look for their long lost men friends Example (that I found whilst surfing the internet) POLTAVA UKRAINE - Roald T is looking for Alina - (Alina K #9931) - Photos & contact information on:- A romantic citizen of Poltava could give the photo to the local television station and the couple could be reunited. They could even do a reality show about it Personally - Does anyone from Gorlovka (Donets´k)know Lidiya P? To see photos We have been writing to one another for the last 15 months via an agency

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