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Author: Daniel, 54 y.o., Brisbane, Australia

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Free singles dating site Gimeney.Net photo (#28380) of Daniel, 54 y.o., Brisbane, Australia

I have been told that I am tall, dark, and handsome...(smile!). I am a misplaced Yank (originally from California) with a job that takes me around the world. I have only just recently moved to the Melbourne area (Australia) at the end of last last year. It is a nice place to live, but I am missing that special person to share things with: sunsets on the sea, intimate dinners, trips, travel, events... Regarding my job, I work as a IT Project Manager in the automotive industry. I travel a lot. I have been living in Australia for almost 6 years, but during that time, I have spent over 2 years in Thailand and 1 year in Japan at different time. I also usually manage to get back to the US and/or Europe a couple times per year. Before coming to Australia, I spent 3 years in Mexico. (Before that I lived in the USA). I should be in Melbourne for the next year or so, but actually I am currently in Thailand until late 2004. In my spare time I enjoy sports. Rugby is my passion, and a lot of my social life revolves around playing rugby or the camaraderie rugby club. In the off season, I like to play Gridiron (and yes, they have it here in Oz). When I plan holiday time off, I usually head for the outdoors, and I love the beach and the mountains, camping, fishing, or hunting. I lead a very interesting and comfortable life. Only with all the travel, I think I meet lots of interesting people, but I have found it difficult to form a meaningful or lasting relationship. So I am missing someone special to share it with.

I prefer active women. I like tall and thin or athletic because I am so tall, but don't let that deter you. My last girlfriends were very short. I am a "face" man when it comes to physical attraction. Body type (or particular body parts :) don't really matter too much, but I am always attracted to a pretty face. Generally, I find myself dating women younger than I am, mainly because I am still a kid at heart, I guess. I like to have fun, but age really doesn't matter either. If you are interested, drop me a line. I hope to hear from you soon.

Free singles dating site Gimeney.Net photo (#28380) of Daniel, 54 y.o., Melbournbe, Australia
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