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From Aleksandr to everyone в 11:41, 18/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Ok, last weekend I’ve sen "The Dark Knight" movie. The idea is not new but in the same time the movie itself is pretty new. Batman was filmed so many times, but Christopher Nolan could make it as new. The most difference of "new" Batman from old ones is realism. All "old" Batmans has been "mystic" and "fantastic" in different ways. Castles, caves, mysterious, even fantastic, villains – it’s a soul of "old" Batman. Dark Gotham. In new "Batman" there are no such things. There is a regular billionaire in regular big city, who is fighting criminals using different gadgets he can afford. A lot of small details made this film pretty different from predecessors. Christian Bale, who played Batman, did it great and really I can’t tell anything about him. He’s just good Batman. Maggie Gyllenhaal, girlfriend of Batman is too regular for me. You see, Batman’s girlfriends are like Bond’s girlfriends – all Hollywood beauties. But here, we see just a regular girl, that you can meet on the street. Not a sex-symbol at all. But I guess it’s about realism again. Heath Ledger, Joker. In truth, when I’ve heard first time about Batman with Gary Oldman, I thought – "yes, that’s Joker". But I missed. And became afraid, that Ledger won’t do it good enough, after Jack Nickolson in the same role. But I was wrong again. Heath Ledger made a PERFECT work. His acting was so genuine and he played so realistic, so my hairs stood up sometimes. I’ve never seen so genuine TV psycho-gangster. Joker character was very good played as for me. He was a cynical funny sometimes and sometimes really scary guy. Well I’m delighted from his acting and after this movie I became really sad, that so nice actor died so young. The rest of actors just played good, but I can’t say something special about them. Just good work guys. Special thanks to writers for Joker’s jokes. Trick with a pencil is something And here we go about bad sides: - first half of the movie is really nice and dynamic. But the second half is pretty overextended. Sometimes even boring. - despite of realism of the movie, special effects team overworked on the two-faced face. Man can’t live with such wounds. And he can’t walk on the streets like nothing happened. Sometimes it was too contrasting. - "no drop of blood". There is no blood at all in all the movie. I’m not sure it was a really good move, because movie itself is not really for too small children. And sometimes it was really noticeable and contrasting again. At all, it’s a really good movie and I’m strongly recommend it to those, who likes action movies and movies based on comic books.

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From Peter to Aleksandr в 17:28, 18/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I'm still working my way through this movie (have it at home on the DVD player). I really liked, The Batman as he reminds me so much of me with his good looks and fit body (but I am not a billionare) But I have to say that Heath Ledger is amazing! He is one evil dude... I know a guy who knew him personally when he was 15 or 16 from a hockey team here in Perth... and he was just a regular... sport loving guy... not a villan His last most NOTORIOUS FILM was BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! He played a gay cowboy! Of course... there is no such thing as a gay cowboy ... that is why he had so many death threats from the christians who hate gays!!! I AM STILL TO FINISH WATCHING BATMAN! Yes it is a little drawn out!!! !!!

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From Peter to Peter в 14:50, 25/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Yes Aleksandr! The pencil trick was very special.... they never taught us that one at school!!!! I must say... I liked Harvey Two-face's "Elvis" grin!

peter pumpkineater
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From peter pumpkineater to Peter в 15:41, 13/01/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Yes Aleksandr! The pencil trick was very special.... they never taught us that one at school!!!! I must say... I liked Harvey Two-face's "Elvis" grin!

Hey Alexandr! I'm back! yes it is Peter but now with the addition of Pumpkineater I finished the movie. It was a 'pirate' movie (an illegal movie). I never saw a pirate movie before. My friend said it was 'good quality'! What did that mean. I found out toward the end of the movie when people started leaving the cinema. yes! Someone was filming the movie from a seat in the cinema.... I can't remember the 'Elvis grin'. Refresh my memory please kind sir!

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From Eleonora to everyone в 14:08, 22/01/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit


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From linda14 to Aleksandr в 23:09, 02/06/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

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