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From Aleksandr to everyone в 12:43, 18/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

After Georgian conflict started, after reading wester press and talking to western people, i'm coming to opinion that some country leaders of course and some people who is older that 30, misses Cold War and "evil" USSR. People, don't be. Russians are not eviler than any other countries. USSR was a post of communism, which was "enemy" to "free" western world. But there is no difference between us and you. All difference that coming from TV is just a manipulation of the people mind. Learn to think about information you getting. Learn to understand difference between activity of any country leaders and small groups of people of gangsters, provocators, robbers or marauders. When you hear about Russian "Bear" attacked poor Georgia, remember that Georgian regular forces attacked pieceful city at night. When you hear that Russia has no right to "invade" Georgia, please, remember the Invasion of Grenada by US forces to protect medical students. When you hear about Russian Imperial Ambitions, please remember how many wars US government started or been involved last century using different reasons. And that two countries at the moment are occupied by the US forces. When you hear, that Georgia "of course must be solid", remember about Kosovo. And ask, why Serbia couldn't? When you hear news, always remember that everything you see now, was already somewhere and sometime. There is almost NOTHING new in this world history. You just need to read it. When you hear and think about news, remember that everything in politic going because of: money, territories, strategic interests or resources. Noone leading to kill, waste money, loose people to set up democracy. Only mercantile interests. Just in democratic envelope. No leader cares about democracy in country other than his own. It's just a reason. And the most important, don't let media to mislead you from problem caused by one country leader, to problems caused by some nerds/gangsters/marauders in some local place. Don't let media make your opinion. Only to get you information. Think, people. Feel the difference.

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