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Olav Arne
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From Olav Arne to Kostik в 21:09, 21/06/09 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

If you keep practicing you will one day be as clever as Kostik, although his French sucks...
Olav, what exactly didn't you like about my french, let me axe you? On that fatal night I was simply repeating again and again with my eyes full of tears, Je t'emme melancholie, Olav. Ecoute moi, mon Amour. Aside from my thick accent and a few misspels I was quite sincere and lovely, me thinks And somebody being as clever as me? Nnnnnnah, c'est impossible absolument. How can it be, just think about it? Oh man, how could you say something like that? How did you even come up with this idea? I 'm so ticked off and frustrated right now that I wanna kill somebody. I 'm simply.. *the voice slowly fades away along with the sound of steps*

I see Kostik, my message hit home... Love sucks...when it ends, doesn't it? Now, be a clever young man and run after her before you lose that sound...

Posts: 37
From Walter to Elena в 18:48, 28/02/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

About 6 months at the most. If the woman is seriously searching for a husband and he has been writing to her for about 6 months and he has still not gotten up off his lazy butt to visit her then she's going to begin to wonder if he's really serious about her or not. So I always to to meet a lady who I am serious about before that 6 month time is up. But it doesn't matter, I've been to Ukraine to meet 17 different women and its the same thing again and again; they had a different mental image of me, and when they met me in real life they were not satisfied with what they saw, so they didn't want to continue our friendship anymore. Usually I just give the lady a new pair of boots and $500 cash and I wish her the best of luck and happiness in her search for a good man, then I fly back home. And don't tell me that Russian women are passionate or sexy, I don't know where any of those lies are coming from, they said "thank you" and then just walked away the same as any Canadian lady would do if you just given money to them, they are no different than Canadian ladies in terms of personality. And I didn't expect them to be any different, I just wanted to show them my thanks for agreeing to meet with me for a few minutes, that's all.

Pages: 4321
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