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From AviationLuvMura to Jim в 22:59, 25/08/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit


Jim:I have never slept with a Russian or a Ukrainian girl, I would like to ask about your experiences with them. I do not need too much detail, just a general idea. I am not looking for pornographic stories gents. I've slept with Japanese women, and I can tell you they are not very good lovers. Cold, uncreative, uninteresting. English women: Dull. Uninteresting. Polish: They are good lovers, but the Polish woman I had did not provide oral. Big minus. Colombian: Oh my god.... wow... American: A mixed bag. Some are good, some are just ok. Remember, Russian and Ukrainians should be considered SEPARATE for the purpose of this... I look forward to your feedback...

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From Walter to Jim в 17:36, 28/02/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi Jim ! I would love to answer that question for you, as I was married to a Ukrainian lady for 7 years. IT SUCKS !!!! Making love to a dead body would be more fun, believe me ! My Ukrainian wife would just lay there, sort of lifeless and uninterested, sometimes she would cry a bit and when that happened I stopped immediately and didn't touch her again like that for weeks. She hated most men, ( except Russian men who she loved very much ). Sometimes when I tried to make love to her she would threaten me with calling the police and telling them that i raped her. So Jim, if that is the type of love-making that you want with a woman, then go ahead and try to make love to a Russian woman, God help you if you are so willing ! Sex with me and my Ukrainian wife ended a good full year before our divorce and it was me who wanted to stop, I would rather masturbate than to risk a rape charge with the police, or to see her cry when I touched her, I always try to treat all women with the utmost of love and respect, I value them very highly, I never do anything to hurt them in any way ! But I can see that Russian women just don't like it when a non-Russian man touches them, they hate it. Its really quite sad, but that's just the way they are, they love their Russian men so much more.

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From Kostik to Walter в 11:48, 01/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hey Walter! After reading some of your replies here in the forum I 'm just curious as to why you are dead set as it seems on meeting Ukranian women after all the experience you 've had with them so far? Don't you want to try something else? I sure would if I were you.

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From Walter to Kostik в 00:41, 06/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Well, I really love the appearance of Russian women, to me they are much more attractive than Canadian women. But other than that they are just like Canadian women, not much difference. Oh God yes, I have had such a HUGE amount of really bad experiences with them, but I keep hoping that maybe just around the corner is a lady who I can be happy with and I can make her life a bit better then it already is, so I keep searching and hoping. My friend tells me that some men just like to keep hitting their heads against the wall and that I remind him of that, he might be right there. Take care and Happy International Woman's Day !!!

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From James to AviationLuvMura в 11:46, 06/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

My personal estimate based upon a very primitive and not scientific survey.....

Panamanians: Very hot, very open.
Colombians: Very tender and hot.
Peruvians: Very adventurous.
Dutch: Very dirty.
French: ho hum.
Irish: very submissive.
Italians: Pretty, but a pain in the butt.
Greeks: Very physical in lovemaking.
Lithuanians: Absolutely gorgeous, pretty kinky.
Swiss: Maybe the best of the group.
Germans: Either very boring, or very bizzare.
Americans: Maybe the most adventurous, but also among the least talented.
Mexicans: They try hard.
Danish: Remind me of Canadians.
Canadians/Canadiennes: Very good looking, healthy, sexy, but not very inventive.
Venezuelans: Sweet.
Brazilians: Very hot. Very adventurous.
Thai: so-so.
Indian: The jury is out.
Dominican: Hot, but not adventurous.
Israelis: Can be very hot, physical, and demanding.
Portugese: Boring.
Belgians: Sweet, and pleasing.
Japanese: Please god make them shut up.
Koreans: Pretty open, orgasm a lot.
Vietnamese: Very tender.

Olav Arne
Posts: 209
From Olav Arne to Walter в 09:02, 07/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Walter:Well, I really love the appearance of Russian women, to me they are much more attractive than Canadian women. But other than that they are just like Canadian women, not much difference. Oh God yes, I have had such a HUGE amount of really bad experiences with them, but I keep hoping that maybe just around the corner is a lady who I can be happy with and I can make her life a bit better then it already is, so I keep searching and hoping. My friend tells me that some men just like to keep hitting their heads against the wall and that I remind him of that, he might be right there. Take care and Happy International Woman's Day !!!
Walter, reading your posts here in the Forum, i'm kind of lost for words, and therefore should rather keep my mouth shut. Unfortunately, like you, it's not my nature.. I totally agree with Kostik; if i had your experiences with Ukrainian 'Russian' women (or was it Russian Ukrainian...?), i'd certainly looked elsewhere. I'd even spent some of those $500 you give away all the time, on some professional help to have a good look at yourself and your 'Russian' compulsion. You seem to see a 'Russian' woman in all women...also Ukrainian... You told us that you never slept with a woman you were not married to. Since i assume you haven't been married too many times, maybe that's why your Ukr. wife screamed rape every time, your lack of experience on how to treat a woman sexually. Therefore, a sexologist would be the next place to spend some $500, to teach you some of the facts of life. If the two 'teatments' were susccessful, i'd ask James (hell, i'd beg him), as he's probably the closest to you, to help with some final 'touches' - some tricks of the trade, if you like... I'd say that would be worth a few dollars too - even some boots... After this, maybe the next woman will pay you $500 not to leave her, instead of you keep on paying $500 + boots to every woman you're leaving.. The last tip i'll throw in for free to you: Change dating agency/ies! Stop wasting your money on nonexistent women at the 'all inclusive agencies', like Anastasia, UA Lady, Army of Brides, etc, etc. They only rip you off. Stick to the ones where you control to whom and what you write, like on this site, or sites where you pay a monthly fee to write to whom you want and as many you want. Then you'll save lots of money on translators, apartments, travels, taxies, you name it, and not least on all gifts you are 'advised' (read pushed) to send all the time (read, we make money).

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From Walter to Olav Arne в 19:01, 11/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi Olay ! Hope everything is okay with you today and everything is great. Its funny how one side sees things one way and another side sees it another way. You think that my spending of $500 is too much and frankly I do agree with you very much, from now on I have pledged to never spend more than $100 on a gift when I visit a lady, that is due to the fact that this recession has been much worse than I thought it would. But when I gave away $500 the Ukrainian women were very disappointed, they were expecting a LOT more, they wanted $2,000 or more. So when a Russian lady tells you that she wants a "GENEROUS" man then that is what she is talking about. Those women have their heads in the clouds, they only earn $200 per month in their jobs but they expect foreign men to come over with huge bags of gold, and I have met them, talked to them face-to-face and that is what they have told me. Since those few visits I've been so turned off by their demands that I have gone to other places to meet friends. I say "friends" because I am not after sex or any physical contact, I just want to talk to someone friendly, that's all. Since the start of 2010 I have gone to the Philippines instead and I like the people over there much more, they are much more friendly and kind. As for seeing a therapist; sometimes people think that all men who seek love online need to see a therapist. Maybe they are correct, maybe no, I'm not so sure. The more I travel to Ukraine and visit those women the more I believe you are correct with your comments. As for "Sexologist", let me explain why my ex-wife hated sex. She told me that the men who she had while she was in Ukraine treated her so badly that she generally HATED all men and hated the idea of men touching her. I would just get into bed and she would cringe ! No need to even touch her before she started talking about rape, just getting into bed was enough to get her upset. Imagine living with a woman like that, what would YOU do if you found yourself in such a marriage ??? I wanted to run right away and get a divorce but I didn't want to be cruel to my new wife so I just put up and lived in a sexless marriage because I wanted to help her to have a better life for herself. I was 15 years OLDER THAN than Tanya (21 vs 36) and that is the main reason why she didn't want me to ever touch her also, she felt disgusted to have "AN OLD MAN" touch her that way. So after 6 years of marriage she found Richard in her accounting class, he was 4 years younger than Tanya. She had a sexual affair with him. Actually I'm okay with that, I was glad she finally found someone who she could be happy with, to me her happiness is much more important than my own, but I didn't want to stay in a marriage with a woman who was bedding another man so I demanded that Tanya either stop sleeping with her or we get a divorce. She chose the divorce. She then left to live with Richard. After 6 months of constant fights with him, Richard threw her out into the street and I had to find her another apartment until she could finish college and get a job. its been 4 years now and she still cannot find herself a new boyfriend, they come and go, nobody stays with her for long. This is the usual way that Russian women find themselves once they arrive in North America, they divorce expecting to find better, then spend the rest of their lives single and unable to find a good local man. Some of them return back to their homelands in Russia or Ukraine. ================== (sorry for that boring and long answer, I hope I didn't bore you too much.) My lack of experience in bed: OH YES, that is definitely one area I probably have problems with, I totally agree with you there ! I'm disease-free, but who cares about that, all women just want a man who knows how to give pleasure and I guess I just don't know what to do when it comes to sex. oh well, I'm 47 so I guess it doesn't matter anymore, I'll be dead soon. By the way, that profile photo of me is 2 years old, so I really do look like that at the age of 47. As you can see, I'm okay but I am not in that great physical shape. ======== I don't think ANY woman would ever pay a man $500 not to leave her, not in this universe, sorry about that bad news. As for writing to women; well, this year I want to spend more time boating and biking, and less time writing to women. Those Russian women really don't want to get married, so basically I just give up.

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From Anna to everyone в 11:22, 15/05/12 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hello guys, i want a boyfriend for chat online. My name is Anna and my profile id 94940 and personal photo there:

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From Cynthia to everyone в 12:49, 27/05/12 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

That is a matter of fact....who have something to say about the Nigerians

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