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From James to Aissa в 12:07, 06/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Be sure to explain which Russian women you mean. Remember, the former Soviet Union is immense in size geographically and population. It spans a tremendous array of cultures, ethnic groups, and genetic material. There are tremendous differences between some of these populations.

Having said that, it seems that most men here admire the physical features of the western Russian women, or the Eastern European women. While I like their appearance, my personal preference might actually be more toward the appearance of women from Kazak, Krygyz or Tajik origin.

But of course, the answer to your question is simply that your eyes are drawn toward those women who you admire, and you ignore the rest. Thus it seems to you that "all" Russian women are beautiful, when actually one particular segment of the vast spectrum of Russian women fits into your idea of "beauty" quite perfectly.

How will they keep their beauty? They won't. They will age just the same as you and I do dear friend. Some of them will age more obviously and rapidly than others (a gift of their genetic inheritance), but all of them will age. You can take comfort in the fact that you will not age alone, she will age with you.


Olav Arne
Posts: 209
From Olav Arne to Walter в 05:46, 07/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Walter:This is their secret: They sleep in the freezer, and the cold temperatures put them into a state of suspended animation, sort of like hibernation. NO, just joking. You really do need to get out of your house and do some traveling to meet these women in person. I've been to Cherkasy Ukraine many times (that's where my ex-wife comes from) and I have met women age 40 to 45 and from my experience the Canadian women over here who are 40 to 45 might be a bit heavier (fatter) but their Canadian faces look about 5 years younger than the women over there. I'm always being told that its the "BAD ECONOMY" that does it, but since their economy is not that bad now I think it must be something else. I do notice that men who drink alcohol look MUCH OLDER than the men who never touch that stuff, so I think that it has something to do with alcohol. I think that if the women in Ukraine / Russian would just never touch alcohol then they would look the same as the women over here. Alcohol is just pure poison !
So, following your logic i am to 1) believe that Canadian women never drink acohol, and 2) therefore they look five years younger? I think the chances of finding those Cananian women are about as slim as finding a 30 year old virgin. So back to start for you and try again... Or try a different city

Olav Arne
Posts: 209
From Olav Arne to Aissa в 06:49, 07/03/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Aissa:Make me worried about how can russian wemen keep the good looking even in late age. Honestly they are the most beautifull wemen on earth
You see, the trick is to marry one half your age or younger. Let's say you are 53 years and 5 months old, then i would go for one between 20 and 25 (the younger the better). Sooooo, when you become 75 and 11 months, she will be somewhere in her 40s, still looking very good compared to you. And since you'll be dead soon anyway, you won't have to worry about her fading looks for very long.. Should she, however (be so smart and) leave you after 3-4 years of marriage, don't despair. On the net there are so many scam sites that simply long to hear your sad story. These sites will keep you busy for many enough years till your story becomes more important to you than getting a love life. Thus saving you a lot money and all the mental stress that follows with a woman. Good luck!

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