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anjum beg
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From anjum beg to atharjameel в 10:45, 14/12/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit


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From Kostik to anjum beg в 09:44, 15/12/10 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

What the ФАК is that supposed to mean? Oh, never mind. I saw more of your postings and now I get it.

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From Walter to James в 17:47, 28/02/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hi James ! You said this: ((( "I have heard often that Russian women age poorly, in particular that after about 35 years old... they age rapidly." ))) == my reply to your comment is; YES, ABSOLUTELY !!!! I've noticed the same thing too ! But you will get so many women saying 'no, no, no', because they are not way up there in age. I have noticed that it is usually after about 38 that they begin to fall apart, often they can keep looking really nice right up to that but after 38 things just go to pot ! Here in Canada men go to pot after about 50, but the Russian women go to pot a bit earlier. Have you noticed at some of the larger marriage agencies there are SO FEW women over 38 ? I am not sure why? I think that a Russian lady would tell me that it is because after all those years of putting up with men's bad attitudes they are just sick of it and don't want to be bothered anymore. I think that it is because that the sick-pervert men are chasing all those 20 year olds and the 40+ women are not getting any e-mails, so they just give up and go away. I guess I would too. Sad when I think about it, everyone needs love no matter if they've gone to pot or not. One lady said something about Italian men being better lovers and Scandinavian men most likely taking better care of his family: OH YES, i so TOTALLY AGREE with that !!!!! I have read that Italian men have bigger d**ks and they have more stamina in bed, I have heard this many times in many different places. But they are hot tempered and usually can be quite violent, so after sex its better for the women to just run away from him. That's where the Scandinavian men make better fathers, they are much more stable. So a lady should live in Italy while she's in her 20's and have a new sex partner every day, then when she's 38 and going to pot, move to Sweden or Denmark and bag a nice guy and make him pay for the support of her 12 kids. ( have a nice day ! )

Pages: 7654321
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