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From Walter to everyone в 17:25, 28/02/11 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Wow, its been so long since I have given up searching for a Russian woman, and my life is so much easier and seemingly happier these days ! But something happened to me just the other day, I want to tell you what happened. If you are thinking of searching for a Russian wife, please first prepare yourself: take 3 long nails and a hammer and hammer those nails into your head first. That will prepare you for the agony and pain that awaits you if you continue on your search for a Russian woman / wife. Let me explain to you how Russian women DON’T LIKE anyone who is not Russian, here is an example: - My Ukrainian ex-wife asked me to help her install a set of curtains in her apartment that she shares with a Russian lady. - My ex-wife asked me to change a burned out light bulb in the bathroom - I installed the curtain rods onto the wall, and I replaced the burned out light bulb. - Alena, the other Russian lady ( roommate ) , talked to me for a few minutes, she almost instantly decided that she doesn’t like me. She says that my voice is so irritating that it gives her an extreme headache just listening to even a few words out of my mouth. Later my ex-wife told me that she doesn’t like me because I don’t have that DEEP booming voice typically found in Russian men, and women from there won’t accept anything else in a man. - Because Alena doesn’t like me ( because I’m not Russian, with a deep voice ), she is not happy with the curtains I installed, she says they are WRONG and wants them removed. And she wants the 1-mm diameter holes in the wall repaired. They are so small that from 6 feet you cannot even see them, but she is just livid with anger at me ! - Alena says that I installed the light bulb in the bathroom wrong ! Now that’s not possible, a bulb is a bulb, you cannot install it upside down ! But I’m not Russian, so she doesn’t like ANYTHING that I did ! ( do you kind of get the drift here?) - My ex-wife called a Russian friend of hers, his name is "Roman", he went over and plugged up the holes in the wall with silicone sealant, and Alena is much happier now, she says everything is perfect ! - Roman then unscrewed the light bulb that I had installed in the bathroom, he looked at it and didn’t see anything wrong with it, and just put it back in. But Alena says that now it is fixed, that Roman has fixed the "BAD JOB" that I had done with the light bulb ! ( For God’s sake , what is wrong with Russian women, they cannot even stand how a non-Russian man puts in a light-bulb ! ) - My ex-wife told me all of this and now I am so glad to have given up on my search for a Russian wife all those months ago ! In my opinion it is pointless and just a waste of of a Western man's time to try to find a Russian / Ukrainian woman for friendship or marriage.

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