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From moh'd to everyone в 09:08, 30/10/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Irena, my thanks for support! Actually this is what I mean and I also consider it as some sort of offense. Hmmm.. and it feels the gentlemen participating in the discussion think that they look much younger then they are... And it feels they are sure that there is no hereditary trait that is common to all European and American middle-aged (mmm... older middle-aged) guys
Please don't make general conclusions, and don't offend us, Ukrainian women!We are all different, same as you - men - are. By the way, personality also is important.. or not any more?
So who has offended who here? I still don't get it. He simply asked a question if what he saw had any basis or was more or less his personal feeling/observation. No conclusion has been made as of yet. In case it has, please show that to me. Personality is a completely different topic and deserves a separate thread dedicated to it.
If GENETICAL PROBLEMS doesn't sound offensive for you - then I would be sorry! Here is a quote: "Is this a kind of hereditary trait that is common to all Ukrainian and Russian women?" But IT DO IS OFFENSIVE. In this question, we are supposed to be a deficient nations...

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From vivian to everyone в 12:31, 31/10/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Hello dear friend, Great to communicate with you and to know each other for relationship if you don't mind and have desire to correspond with me,i will appreciate you communication through my email address so that we can get to know more of each other. my email is ( vivianwilliams40 at yahoo dot com i will be waiting to read from you. have a nice day. yours Vivian

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From Peter to vivian в 15:30, 19/11/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Huh!!!! Did I miss something??? What the hell is this thread suppossed to be about?????

Olav Arne
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From Olav Arne to Peter в 02:28, 20/11/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Huh!!!! Did I miss something??? What the hell is this thread suppossed to be about?????

Hey Pjotr! Ask 'moh'd'... But i'm sure he was unconscious in the moment of action He's never heard of again Try again next week. We're always glad to be of service...

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