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From Svetlana to Walter в 17:14, 22/01/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Walter:wow, here is another Anastasiadate lady who also has her pic on an escort site (thanks to Tom for sending me this info). lady ID # 1611159 ---- ----- and then here is her pictures on an escort profile ---- ------ Frankly, I think that all of the letters guys are getting from these women are ALL FAKE, to me the Internet seems to be one big scam.
Hello dgentelmens and sorry what is happend with you, yes it is truth so many girls in date sites is Fake and working for sex agency, but a lot of women is real is well, why this happend with you i can explane, 1- a lot of men look on photo and only interested of girls who look yang and very pritty, look like model, 2- some times men choosen girl much yanger then his age, belive me all normal yang girls looking for yang gays the same age groop, please be realistic, starting have communikations with women your groop age, who look like any woman, which you can see in shop, theater, train station, they are real, and if you look for seriose relationship do not choose girls 15 and more years yanger than you, if girls answer on your letter and shi very yang and biutifull it is 90 % shi is not looking for you, shi looks for money, or fake. Sorry it is painfull, but truth. I am women 40+, i am looking for man from 39 till 59, i am not looking for man from 20-25 or 30-35, who look like model, because I know this men looking for differents girls not for me. I only wound be helpfull, do not take this personal.

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