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American in Finland
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From American in Finland to Walter в 06:42, 15/04/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

" I thanked them for their time and gave to them $500 in cash, a form of 'CHRISTMAS PRESENT' for them being so nice to come and meet me in person." and they instantly became a prostitute in your eyes to them. good job you idiot. You have not any idea what a woman wants or desires to feel like. 50 women you met, not one genuine kiss I bet you that $500. Good for those women who saw you as the desperate looser you are. You deserve American women, fat, ugly, and ready to trade your money for some time, until a better man comes along for her to branch to. Let me guess... every woman in your life has cheated on you? How to have good experiences with dating sites as this. You must realize a few things to be successful with online dating. I do live in Europe, but this applies to all. My foreign dating rules 1. be yourself 2. a man never travels to the women first 3. do not give her money, she does not want your pity 4. respecting yourself first is respecting her Advice to you, and others: Chat with many women but be yourself. If they do not like what you do, how you look or act, goto the next... why? They are not interested. Try again. Wen you feel good with one, court her, say hello, tell her about YOUR LIFE, not your BIG BUSINESS, CARS, HOUSE. You are dead from your profile, women see you are a weak and needy man... they can smell that you are an average frustrated chump and no cologne can hide that. Sorry bro. How to finance her if she is poor? You Don't. 98% of women here and on other sites have GOOD JOBS and CAREERS. If they want to come to you they will pay for their own visa, it is less than 200$. Air tickets YOU PURCHASE in her name, do not send money. She now has 2 choices, to come or not, because she cannot refund those tickets.

Walter:Hello dear OKCAHA. Thank you for telling my your honest opinion. YES, I DO AGREE WITH YOU, everything you said is correct. I myself do not work for someone else, I now run my own successful investment company. I have stopped looking for a foreign wife, too much work, and it seems as if no women from foreign lands wants a foreign man anymore, so now I just enjoy my life on my own, driving my many cars or flying my plane. I last traveled to Ukraine in December 2015, I simply wanted to have some nice dinner with some ladies, to chat about life, but I did not expect any women to be serious. I invited <font color=red>50 different women</font> to meet me while I was in the city (35 in Kiev, and 15 in Poltova. Not one lady in Kiev came to meet with me, but in Poltova 3 women met me in person and told me their life story. I thanked them for their time and gave to them $500 in cash, a form of 'CHRISTMAS PRESENT' for them being so nice to come and meet me in person. One lady, Oxanna, she was really suffering, I could see she had extreme financial difficulties so I gave to her an extra $500 to help buy herself some new clothes. I had no desire to go to bed with any of them, I simply wanted to chat, talk, over dinner, that's all, but even trying to obtain such a small thing from Ukrainian women these days is all but impossible, so now I give up even trying. Thank you for your honest reply, I wish you a nice and happy day.
OKCAHA:Hi Walter .... you write : high-price from Kiev , You mast be joking .... she just dont want loser man ( mostly losers look for foren woman because American woman dont want losers , so if you norman man you not fishing on this web-sites. Look realy : you not good loking , old , probabley bad job ( or no) thats why you look for chip woman , BUT in Ukranie les and les chip woman ...... Think about that realistik...This gerl , just dont interesting in you if you in bad finans shape , no one normal woman will . But old , fat , despert may go for poor . This gerl dont want merry you because you brainewash her that you can good suport her , and then she so.... real you . Sore if it is taff words for yours ear but it what it is.
Walter:Another Marriage agency profile is a PROSTITUTE; here’s the links: Just imagine that you have been writing to a lady for a few months, you even begin to get ideas of marrying the lady, and then surprise - surprise, she turns out to be a high-price ***** from Kiev !!!! Here’s proof, check it out yourself: HER marriage agency PROFILE: (Profile number 1608906 ) HER ESCORT PROFILE: I am not sure about these women, so many of them seem to be escorts (working girls), and they are definitely NOT interested in marriage to foreigners ! Why are there so many prostitutes on marriage agencies these days? This is the 7 th prostitute that someone has found on AnastasiaDate (it wasn't me, it was someone else who found her ads, but I read about it on another forum.) ( == I really don't know how these men find the time to go searching the Internet to see if these marriage-seeking women are prostitutes, but so far a LOT of cases have been brought to the attention of foreign men and I find this quite scary ! What if I marry a lady and then I find out she's had a shadowy past?? )

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