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From alexeivv to Walter в 16:50, 04/07/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Walter:Hello dear OKCAHA. Thank you for telling my your honest opinion. YES, I DO AGREE WITH YOU, everything you said is correct. I myself do not work for someone else, I now run my own successful investment company. I have stopped looking for a foreign wife, too much work, and it seems as if no women from foreign lands wants a foreign man anymore, so now I just enjoy my life on my own, driving my many cars or flying my plane. I last traveled to Ukraine in December 2015, I simply wanted to have some nice dinner with some ladies, to chat about life, but I did not expect any women to be serious. I invited 50 different women to meet me while I was in the city (35 in Kiev, and 15 in Poltova. Not one lady in Kiev came to meet with me, but in Poltova 3 women met me in person and told me their life story. I thanked them for their time and gave to them $500 in cash, a form of 'CHRISTMAS PRESENT' for them being so nice to come and meet me in person. One lady, Oxanna, she was really suffering, I could see she had extreme financial difficulties so I gave to her an extra $500 to help buy herself some new clothes. I had no desire to go to bed with any of them, I simply wanted to chat, talk, over dinner, that's all, but even trying to obtain such a small thing from Ukrainian women these days is all but impossible, so now I give up even trying. Thank you for your honest reply, I wish you a nice and happy day.
OKCAHA:Hi Walter .... you write : high-price from Kiev , You mast be joking .... she just dont want loser man ( mostly losers look for foren woman because American woman dont want losers , so if you norman man you not fishing on this web-sites. Look realy : you not good loking , old , probabley bad job ( or no) thats why you look for chip woman , BUT in Ukranie les and les chip woman ...... Think about that realistik...This gerl , just dont interesting in you if you in bad finans shape , no one normal woman will . But old , fat , despert may go for poor . This gerl dont want merry you because you brainewash her that you can good suport her , and then she so.... real you . Sore if it is taff words for yours ear but it what it is.
Walter:Another Marriage agency profile is a PROSTITUTE; here’s the links: Just imagine that you have been writing to a lady for a few months, you even begin to get ideas of marrying the lady, and then surprise - surprise, she turns out to be a high-price ***** from Kiev !!!! Here’s proof, check it out yourself: HER marriage agency PROFILE: (Profile number 1608906 ) HER ESCORT PROFILE: I am not sure about these women, so many of them seem to be escorts (working girls), and they are definitely NOT interested in marriage to foreigners ! Why are there so many prostitutes on marriage agencies these days? This is the 7 th prostitute that someone has found on AnastasiaDate (it wasn't me, it was someone else who found her ads, but I read about it on another forum.) ( == I really don't know how these men find the time to go searching the Internet to see if these marriage-seeking women are prostitutes, but so far a LOT of cases have been brought to the attention of foreign men and I find this quite scary ! What if I marry a lady and then I find out she's had a shadowy past?? )
you know, therei is so many nice girls in Ukraine: blond, brown, red pick anyone you want! Registet here and go ahead!

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