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From Jake to mr. chocolate в 02:50, 19/10/13 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

mr. chocolate:
you idiots, they are all scammers here, this site was set up by russian mob to scam men, ask yourself why its the only free site in the whole universe. most of the scam is done by couples. the women will give you a phone number and everything to call them. also ask yourself why a beautiful young woman would be interested in ugly old fucks like you. women dont like old men-just like you dont like old women, its the law of nature. if you are old-better pray you can lure the women(prostitute) with money and lots of it
It's seeing folk like "mr. chocolate" (BTW sounds like a candy bar) that make me furious. So sad to see that the Canadian eduction system has truly failed, letting this one slip by. If we all join together, we can get this sad state a meaningful grade-school level education. What do you say? Are you with me!

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