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From Walter to condy в 12:21, 27/01/14 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

LED lights are the way of the future in terms of lighting. Heck, even Toyota is now using them as STANDARD equipment headlights for their new 2014 Toyota Corolla cars. The only problem I see is that they might get iced up more easily in the winter time, but other than that they are great because they don't burn out like regular lights do. And in house fixtures LED lights take about 1/6 the amount of energy regular incandescent bulbs do. However, there is one big problem with LED bulbs, and that is FLICKER. This slight flicker is not a problem unless one is around 2 hours from going to bed. The flickering effect of LED lights tends to WAKE people up, so if they were using their laptop before going to sleep, the LED light of the laptop will make them more awake and they will have a harder time going to sleep. The same thing for an LED room light, it too will make it harder to go to sleep, that is why I use only incandescent bulbs in the bedroom and work desk light fixtures, so that can get a better night's sleep. Everywhere else I use LED bulbs to save energy.

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