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From Sara to everyone в 11:10, 28/07/14 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Do you have religion?Do you believe there are many of people don't join any religion?I am one of them.Recently I just realized that why I always ask myself what's the meaning of life?My friend told me the purpose of human life is having a hope.But I just want to know where does hopes come from?If we are in trouble or we want some good lucky turns to ourselves ,we normally go to the temple.I had a 3 years experiences went to the temple to pray slippers and boots goes well and praymy family's members are healthy. Do you think that's a shame story?I think the meaning of life is not only hope that also should be get some positive power from somewhere.So I think no matter what kind of religion you choose as long as you canget energy from it ,then that is a good thing.Do you mind if I don't have any religion?

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