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From James to everyone в 00:15, 15/06/15 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I wonder if this site is dying. I do not see any recent forum posts, and most of the girls have not signed on in months. Has something gone wrong?

No Scammers
Posts: 287
From No Scammers to James в 22:47, 22/06/15 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

You would be better off joining as there are lots of real members on there

James:I wonder if this site is dying. I do not see any recent forum posts, and most of the girls have not signed on in months. Has something gone wrong?

Posts: 37
From Walter to everyone в 17:11, 24/06/15 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Technically its not dead, but from the activity I see it sure appears dead to me. Here's what I've been thinking about lately; What's in it for me? I mean, I'm a guy age 51 and at that age the only women who would want me are women age 41+, and those women cannot have kids, have menopause so they get irritable easily, and generally I just don't see the point in me having to feed another mouth and get so very little back in return. Most Russian women over age 41 DON'T know English and would have a near impossible time learning it, so even if I did bring such a lady here she would not be able to have much of a conversation with me anyways. So no talking, no kids, and probably no sex; I might as well get a pet cat, the pet cat would give to me about the same amount of companionship an over 41 yr Russian lady would. - - - - Now turn it around and look at the 41 yr old lady's point of view: At 51 most guys in Russia are beginning to have serious health concerns so a Russian lady would think of me as someone who could NOT provide her any financial support and instead he might need her to act as a nurse for him. Why would any sane woman want to be stuck in a relationship like that? It would be better for her to be on her own than to have to support some sick guy. - - - - Most guys under 50 can easily find ladies in their own home country, so its mostly guys over 50 who decide to come here and try their luck. But as you can see from the above point, guys over 50 don't have much luck with Russian women because Russian women won't go for a man more than 10 years older than they are (unlike Philippine women), and those Russian women usually don't know English (unlike Philippine women), so as you can see, once a guy gets over 50, he might as well just give up and go search for a Philippine lady instead of a Russian lady, that's what more and more men are learning and that's why they are going away from this site, giving up on Russian women, and this site is pretty much dead.

Olav Arne
Posts: 209
From Olav Arne to Walter в 22:59, 03/07/15 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Well, Walter, if this post (and most of your other posts on this site) is a template for your attitude towards Russian women, no wonder they're not lining up to meet you. Reading your posts i've always wondered where you find these women that behave in such strange manner to you all the time. Btw, i assume your reference to "Russian women" is synonymous with women from all the ex-Soviet republics. However, by doing so you may also 'insult' many/most of them (the women from these new republics). They are not Russian anymore, they are Ukrainian, Moldavian, Uzbek, Belarusian, Georgian and so on. Some of them are of course Russian too in these countries - from 'the good old days' without boarders. I don't think all women i.e. from Georgia and Ukraine are happy with being refered to as Russian... Where you have found your 41+ women with the attitude you describe, i don't know. I've met a some women over the years and emailed and talked with many more, but never any of 'your' kind - thank god. On the contrary, i'd say. At 64 i'm quite a few years older then you, but not once have i encountered any of the obstacles you write about in the women i've contacted or been contacted by, no matter they being 41+ or 50+.... The only thing i follow you in is the problem of language. I never understood why a man would go and marry someone he cannot talk with. Many years ago i tried dating one that spoke only Russian. Hopeless! Never did try that again. Same with those that have just started to learn English. It's not done overnight, no matter how dilligent they are. So i got done with that as well, years ago I quickly found that if you stay away from dating sites that do translating, then you'll be surprised at how many women do actually speak enough English to keep a more or less simple conversation going. And when they realize i actually understand them, that usually becomes an inspiration to continue learning. And most importantly, they understand suddenly how important understanding and common language are when meeting a new person for the first time, and especially a potential husband. And where did you get the point that 'Russian' women don't accept more than 10 years age difference? I've never had that as a problem before. Of course there are women who don't like much age difference, or no difference at all. It all depends where they are in life. I think this question is much more down to how a woman feels you treat and respect her, and not how much money you throw around as long as you can give her a normal good life. Leave the gold diggers to others, no matter how beautiful they are. That will save you from frustration and agony, loss of sleep and not least money There is nothing wrong with dating Asian women. They are kind and hardworking and mostly submissive. Many men like that, especially mature men after 50. I don't. I want a partner, not a maid. So my reasons are not what country to choose, but your argument for doing it. Again, i wonder where you find these women you always tell us about. Personally, i sort out scammers and gold diggers during conversation. So far i've never met a woman in person who turned out to be something else than she said. Never.

Posts: 334
From Kostik to Olav Arne в 04:42, 06/07/15 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Olav Arne:
Now this site is alive again, woo-hoo! Nice to see you, Olav!! It is like back in good ol' days As far as lecturing Walter, I though you gave up on that awhle ago? Being miserable is a conscious choice in most cases so..

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