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richika sarker
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From richika sarker to everyone в 12:23, 14/04/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

In a busy city like Mumbai where thousands of people come every dayto start their career, it is not uncommon to come across different moving and packing companies. If you stop to ask each one of them which part of the house is most difficult to arrange and pack, each one of them shall have a different answer. Personally however,any individual who has tried shifting the home without the help of professional movers and packers in Mumbai might have a different perspective. Kitchen with its array of diverse appliances, cooking utensils and boxes offer the greatest challenge. Here are some tips for effectively packing your old appliances for your new home. Refrigerator Refrigerator is amongst the heaviest of all the appliances present in your home. Before transporting your refrigerator, follow these simple steps: • Unplug the appliance at least 48 hours before the scheduled move. Defrost the machine and make sure the fridge is completely empty. • Clean the refrigerator thoroughly and remove all fragile interior parts like racks and egg holders. • Roll up the power cord and secure the door with a tape, so that it does not slide open under any circumstances. • Wrap the entire machine with several layers of blankets to ensure the outer body remains devoid from any scratches. Cooking Stove The cooking stove is a heavy weight sensitive appliance. It is best if you employ the help of any experienced individual to unplug it from the source of power supply. In case you plan to do it yourself, turn off the supply and carefully tuck away the power cord. Clean the stove thoroughly and cover it with a sheet of bubble wrap to ensure the fragile section like the knobs and the cooktops remains protected. Cover the external surface with a blanket to avoid any scratches. Washing Machine • Disconnect the power supply from the machine and disengage the water supply. • Remove all pipes and hoses and wipe the machine with a cotton cloth to ensure it is completely dry. • Remove the filter and immobilize the drum of your washing machine to ensure it remains safe • Close the door tightly and secure the cords well. If you are planning to remove the appliances with the help of any packers and movers from Mumbai, make sure you have all the required packing materials including a trolley to load the materials into the moving truck. If you have wooden floors, cover them with cardboards to prevent any scratches. Packing home appliances is the toughest part of the moving job and once you are done with it, you can be sure that 50% of your job is well done. Visit link: @Packers and Movers Mumbai @Packers and Movers Andheri @Packers and Movers Airoli @Packers and Movers Borivali @Packers and Movers Bandra @Packers and Movers Kalyan @Packers and Movers Kharghar @Packers and Movers Kandivali @Packers and Movers Thane

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