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From sagasanep to everyone в 13:00, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

As children most of us played with Yo Yo's, they go up and down and then turn themselves in knots, at least mine did. Yo Yo dieting is a well known problem, the weight goes down, the weight goes up and you tie yourself in knots, emotionally and Erotic Weight Loss physically. The facts are simple, fat and muscle are lost, fat is regained, but muscle isn't, and with each subsequent diet debacle, your fat percentage goes up, and you have less relative muscle, which creates even more health problems. The problem just keeps getting worse, with each diet. Yo Yo dieting comes from two directions. The first is the trend to lose weight for short term goals. i.e. lose a few kilos for an event, usually dramatic dieting is used. The diet finishes usually at the event. The kilos come back on as fast as they left. You carry on with your life style until the next event.

The second is the more serious dieter. The go from diet to diet and try as they may they fail time and time again. The frustration builds as the large corporations spend billions to keep you eating and drinking exactly what they want you to eat. You are literally being primed to consume every time you walk down a supermarket aisle, or drive down the main street in your town or watch the television advertisements during prime time. So what do you do? You know how hard it is to diet and lose weight. But you so desperately want to do it. There is a solution. It's not the one that springs to mind for most overweight people. Thoughts usually turn to the latest diet book, or gyms or personal trainers, but you know how far they get you. Of course you need to be fit and healthy, but exercising just to burn calories to lose weight is a losing proposition.

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From No Scammers to sagasanep в 16:31, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Reported to and

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