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From kandha1993n to everyone в 14:56, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Regardless of the type, both versions work by a metal comb running along tiny pinprick raises called prongs, Wholetones and the vibration along the metal comb created the musical tone of the note. If you are looking to add a vintage music box to your collection, or merely wish to know more about how it works, your main concern should be the condition of the comb.The comb is the essential component of the music box to creating lovely sounds. First, are all the metal teeth completely intact? Are any bent or misshapen? Are there small pits or markings that may possibly point to previous repairs? Do they appear rusty or do they still retain luster? These questions are vitally important in assessing the quality of the music box. Also, look for music boxes with larger combs. This is because smaller combs have a more limited range of notes to them. You should not purchase a vintage music box simply based on its appearance without first ascertaining how it sounds. High quality vintage music boxes should produce quality musical tones.The vintage music box is a treasure that is enjoyed by many and can be found through antique stores and online collectors. However, take some time and research prior to buying a vintage music box as these little novelties can cost well into the thousands!

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From No Scammers to kandha1993n в 15:38, 17/11/16 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

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