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From ylq to everyone в 11:00, 10/07/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Dad often said to me: "Children, eat more."remember that night, my grandmother brought us a few pounds of bacon. We are very happy. We must know that bacon is hard to see in the city. I said to my mother, "Mom, I like it harder." Mom quickly promised, and Dad, just remember that he looked at the news, his brow was locked, and there seemed to be a national event. That night, my father said to me as usual: " Eat more", and then put a chopsticks in my bowl Marlboro Menthol 100S, I look at his bowl, a few pieces of softly fried cabbage, is glowing. I am busy saying: "Dad, why don't you eat?" He smiled, like crying and laughing, and sneered, and said for a long time: "Dad is old, can't bite..."uddenly stunned. In my memory, my father is strong, always glaring at me, laughing and celebrating my birthday, always eating chunks of fat, biting lean meat, stuffing In my bowl. Every time my mother sells meat Cigarettes Online, she buys pork belly, because she said: "When your father said that he wants meat, there is a sense of happiness!" At that time, I did not understand what the so-called happiness is Newport Cigarettes Coupons, now I understand. Happiness is to step on Dad��s shoulder and laugh. Happiness is that Dad bites the fat on the pork belly and gives me lean meat. Happiness is a reunion every weekend. Dad said that he is old, and next night, I cooked for the first time, and I got a table of food. I saw my father sip the bitter meal I made Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and I showed a gratifying expression, and saw him drink mineral water in a mouthful. With a smile that made people laugh, there was an inexplicable pain in my heart, and I rushed into my throat. Finally, I shouted: "Dad Marlboro Red, you can eat more.

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