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From Emma to everyone в 13:48, 10/07/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

The university access watchdog says students' backgrounds should be taken into account when awarding places, to improve "equality of opportunity". A-level grades are a "robust measure" only if the applicants' "context" is also considered, Chris Millward says. Many universities give extra help to disadvantaged applicants - but a report warns of a lack of openness about how this operates. All Russell Group universities use some form of "contextual admissions". Top universities have faced accusations of being socially exclusive and recruiting too few applicants from ethnic minorities. But they also face scrutiny for being unfair to individual applicants who might lose out on places to disadvantaged candidates with worse results. Lower grades A report from the Fair Education Alliance campaign group says there needs to be much more transparency about how universities use the background of applicants when making offers and awarding places.

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