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From ylq to everyone в 05:19, 31/07/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Who dirty my air factory. Dudu said: "I didn't do it! You know. I am a power plant, a large power plant. So there must be a big chimney, the culprit is it. Go ask hihas soiled my air. The chimney shook his head; "I didn't do it! Besides Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, you know, how much electricity can a farm produce? If people don't add fuel to the inside, how can it produce electricity? So! He is not bad, really. It��s up to people. They are adding coal to them. Go fs soiled my air. People's brows are wrinkled, and they say, "I am not doing it! I am just an ordinary worker. You know it. This is the fault of the factory. We only earn one or two thousand yuan a month. Is it easy for usho has soiled my air. On the street, open-air barbecues are daring Online Cigarettes. Exaggerated in front of the public. The smoked rice is a few meters high, which is the most common thing. The grill looked at the sky and pondered for a while: "There is a beautiful sky in the motherland! The sky is full of fog, pm2.5, pm0.5, pm10, raging in the air, people are sitting here regardless, don't people Do you feel red-faced? Indeed, we produce smog. But people are indifferent, people are smart and clever, they are harming themselvter listening to this, everyone must have some feelings. Everyone is sure to look into the sky. The moon is crying in one person, its "child" - the stars are gone, and the fog is covered. The moon watched the last child being devastated by the fog and unable to do anything. "Who is dirty with my air?" People!Cool autumn wind, accompanied by bright sunshine, the annual sports meeting is cominge school was going to hold a basketball game. We listened to this exciting news. The classroom exploded in the classroom. The students were three feet high and happy likehe classmates are in droves and can��t wait to run downstairs. The footsteps of the ��ru eagerly try to tighten their faces Cigarettes Cheaper. With a crisp whistle, the game started! We are on the 6th and 2nd classes, and the cheerleaders on both sides are like long queues. They keep shouting and screaming: "The six or three classes are cheering!" "The six classes are cheeri of the sixth and second class looked at his prey as if they were staring at him. Zhang Xian is physically agile Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, left and right to hide, suddenly, a big man stopped him, Zhang Xianling took a chance, he gave Liu Hao a look, lost the ball, Liu Hao hearted the gods, his eyes quickly, jerked He hugged the ball. He rushed to the basket. It was like a blast Newport 100S. Suddenly, he jumped all over his body and his eyes were aimed at the basket. "The ball is in!" We asses came to our position. Yang Ke and Liu Hao stood up to stop the person holding the ball. The man��s eyes turned and he deliberately rushed to Liu Hao. Suddenly, he changed his direction, he directed Yang Lan is coming! He didn't pay attention to Yang Lan, he jumped his hand and slammed it. The ball was like his pet. He jumped to the goal basket. "Too good!" "We scored." I am proud of it, as if they have already won, and they have a proud look on their faces. I hate that expression, thinking: Hey, one day you will cry!

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