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From ylq to everyone в 03:15, 14/08/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

At the end of the summer vacation, the rice in our Murata is mature, and people are busy cutting rice. My family is no exception. That day, because my father and mother were going to cut rice, they got up very early. Before leaving, my mother said to me, "You are doing homework at home, and at noon I am coming back to cook." I promised, and they half past ten Cheap Cigarettes, I saw that my mother hasn't come back yet. I think: Mom and Dad are so hard, come back and cook for cooking. It's better for me to start. I came to the kitchen and saw cucumbers, eggplants, and potatoes in the fridge. I took out a potato, peeled it off, put down the knife and picked up the knife. I saw the knife looking at me, as if to say to me: "Children, be careful when you cut, don't cut your hands." I held the potatoes in one hand and the potatoes in one hand Cigarettes Cheaper. My heart was very nervous, and suddenly I slipped a knife and left a scar on my hand Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I will be careful and carefully cut. After cutting the potato, I went to the stove, picked up a dry bark, lit the fire with a lighter, and quickly put the dried bamboo into the stove Parliament Cigarettes, using a fan, it was really. The cluster of red flames seemed to say to me: "Children, you are so smart, actually summoned me out." I opened the heavy lid, put a little bit of salad oil, and made it as usual. In that case, the cut potatoes are washed with water to remove the starch. Because the potato silk that is so fried is not easy to stick together. At this time, the oil had already burned, and I quickly dumped the potatoes into the pot. Suddenly, a drop of hot oil fell on my hand, I was so shocked that I was so angry that it was not good every day. I put two tablespoons of salt in a hurry, flipped it over and covered the lid. After a minute or two, I put a little MSG. When I was ready to bring them up, they seemed to say to me, "Master master, I am still not familiar." After another three minutes, I opened the lid and immediately smelled a scent. "Now, okay," I talk ton Mom and Dad came back, they said to me, "Hey, you grew up, and you are sensible." Although the salt is more, I eat my own fried potatoes. It is delicious to eat Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. After the meal, I asked my mother: "Mom, why do the potatoes get into the pot and the oil will pick up?" Mom said to me: "The water will pick up when it meets the oil. I seem to understand and nod."

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