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From ylq to everyone в 03:15, 14/08/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

There is a kind of love that is warm. There is a kind of love that is tearful. The father loves the mountain, the mother loves the sea, this kind of love accommodates and surpasses Qianshan and Wais love? Love is a kind words that make my little heart full and warm. what is love? Love is a firm eye and gives me unlimited confidence. Love is selfless dedication and not rewarding, far beyond the value of life, the most sincere, the most simple, the most beautiful sunshine. Consolation brings sadness, brings light when lost Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, encourages when encountering setbacks, and brings courage and strength to the angels when they are weak, each time with a fascinating appearance on my path of growth, more than once See her - moth I was young, I didn't understand love, but I also felt good. It was also faint to feel his warmth and grow up. I know better that I can't see but love everywhere. Let me talk about what I recently touched, about "love." I recently discovered that the fruit shop started selling the "black girl" sugar cane that I loved. I wrapped my father to give me ten dollars and bought a sugar cane Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After I got home, I picked the least sugar cane. The younger sister and the father also picked up a few knots. Only the mother did not hesitate to take a bit of dirty, ugly, and knotted sugar cane. After I saw it, I felt very embarrassed. It��s really worthy of ��the most selfless love is called maternal love, the greatest person is called mother�� I saw it! It is mother, my mother! The white skirt angel unveiled the veil. My mother is a mysterious and sacred angel in my heart. Finally showing the face of love, love is like the sun, warm, touched mIn the past, I didn't know what was called low carbon. Of course, I wouldn't save resources: the flow of tap water; the fan turned quickly; the TV desk lamp turned on all night. I, like nothing, ignore them. However, when I learned the lesson of "One Earth", I understood: We only have one earth Marlboro Cigarettes Online, she is so beautiful and so cute, but at the same time Marlboro Gold, she is too easy to break. Therefore, we must learn to protect her and cherish it. I decided to start from myself and start from small things: Taomi water is used to wash vegetables (scientifically, washing vegetables with rice water can effectively remove pesticides from vegetables); wash water can be used to water flowers; try to wash by hand First Marlboro Menthol 100S, do not wash the washing machine; try to ride a bicycle as much as possible, do not take a car; cooking cooking is to do the right amount; seeing someone wash their hands after washing the face is not turned off; see someone wasting electricity to et's start with low-carbon life and enjoy the happiness brought by low-carbon life with me!

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