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From ylq to everyone в 03:57, 15/08/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Wilde's Nightingale and Rose is what I saw in a story. Let me come to you for this tragic and beautiful sof the story is this: a young student kneels under the big oak tree and talks to himself painfully, saying how much he needs a red rose to dance with his beloved girl, the daughter of the professor. However, in the cold winter, he could not find such a red rose, so he could not satisfy the girl's request and his own wishes. Just as he was in despair Wholesale Cigarettes, the nightingale in the tree heard his crying, thinking that this young man was a true lover and truly understood love, so he decided to help the youth. The nightingale went to find the rose tree and borrowed the red rose, but the first time and the second time came the white rose tree and the yellow rose tree. The third time I found the red rose tree outside the student window, but the red rose tree told It has frozen its blood vessels in winter, frost and snow have destroyed its flower buds, if you want a red rose Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, you need to sing all night to make it, and use the blood in its chest to dye red, use death Come for a rose. This price is too big, but the nightingale thinks that love is better than life. "Love is a wonderful thing. It is more precious than emeralds. It is more rare than opal. It can't be replaced with pearls and pomegranates. It is the market. What you can't buy is that you can't buy it from a businessman, and you can't use gold to weigh it." So it resolutely chose to sacrifice itself. Throughout the night, it sang non-stop, and with the chest against the thorns, a little bit into the heart, with his own blood to make a rose that symbolizes true love, but it lie in the grass and die Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the heart is still tied udent got up in the morning and found the red rose. He immediately took it and went to see the professor's daughter. He didn't even think about the origin of the rose. But the girl refused him, saying that the rose was not worthy of her clothes, and that the son of the court minister had sent her precious jewels, and everyone knew that jewels were more valuable than flowers. The youth was very angry and threw the rose on the street Marlboro Red 100S, the rosding of "Night and Rose" we can see that the sacrifice of the nightingale can not be exchanged for true love, this love itself is a tragedy The seed, like the rose Parliament Cigarettes, said: "The winter freezes my leaves, the frost has ruined my flowerbed, the snow has blown my branches, and I won't have roses any more this year." Another example is that young students are thinking about their beloved girl. Because the girl��s words are trying to do something that is impossible, even with the help of the nightingale, the red rose was finally rejected by the girl. Behind these incidents, in fact, the seeds of tragedy have long been buried, no matter how the rose is rooted, no matter how hard the students pay, it still can not escape the reality of fate.

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