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From ylq to everyone в 06:10, 15/09/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I remember that the Chinese class went to the text of "Grandfather's Garden". The author described his childhood as a carefree play in his grandfather's garden. He wanted to do whatever he wanted, very free, and not at all restrained. The teacher is teaching, and I am also intoxicated in the text, as if I have returned to the garden of my grandfather many years ago.At that time, I was still young, playing happily in my grandfather's small courtyard. When I was tired, I sat on the ground and took a break. When I was tired, I learned to be a grandfather. I sprinkled some water on each plant with a bottle of water. Once a grandfather planted a new plant Newport Cigarettes Price, I sprinkled some water every day until I saw the seedling grow taller one day. I thought: Do you want to sprinkle some water when the seedling grows up? So I kept watering the potted plants until I was satisfied. The next day I came to the small yard on time and saw that the plant was a little "bent", and there were some black and yellow, I thought it might be growing up again! My childish mind was full of curiosity, so I jumped to the grandfather and asked: "Grandpa, the new plant grows up." At this time Wholesale Cigarettes, Grandpa was a bit strange, "This will grow up in a few days." Is it impossible?�� Then I went to the small courtyard with me to see Cigarette Online.Before coming to the plant, Grandpa looked at it and touched the soil. He seemed to know something. After a bitter smile, he said, "Grow up! It is grown up!" I didn't know what it meant at the time, but also laughed. It��s up. The next day, the plants disappeared! I went to ask my grandfather, he said: "It can't stay in a pot when it grows up. It goes somewhere else!" I still don't understand what my grandfather's words mean. now I understand! - Growth is regular Parliament Cigarettes, it "drinks" too much water to drown!"The tiger doesn't show up, do you really treat me as a sick cat? Ah? Hurry up and do the date!" There was a cry and sweep the floor. Zhang Hao and I secretly negotiated ways to escape. We lurked in the road team after school, followed closely the team, try not to be discovered by Zhang Yanqin Cigarettes Cheaper. When we are about to see the light, only one step away from the school gate, just listen to the roar behind: "Xu Xin, Zhang Hao! Give me back! Tiger does not show you really treat me as a sick cat!" Hearo? Who told her that she was so good in all aspects, especially responsible for her work, I had to ave never forgotten her big eyebrows and that roar!

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