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From ylq to everyone в 04:19, 04/10/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

When I was young, I played with my cousin on the hills, and suddenly a cockroach entered my eyes. I pointed my finger at the little finger and asked my cousin: "Sister, what is this?" "This is awkward." The cousin told me. "Hey? What is that?" I asked inexpli is an insect. It feeds on mosquito larvae or small animals in the water when they are young; when they grow up, they will eat mosquitoes, flies, moths and other pests.s a beneficial insect, we must protect it, can not hurt or catch It." The sister patiently answered my question. So my little heart had a good impression on you, and even liked this brave "Peter Pan".n I grew up, I once again met the cute "elf" Parliament Cigarettes. I have changed from a strange time as a child to the current curiosity. When I observed it again, I found out that it was so beautiful. Its whole body was slender, slender Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, soft and light. It was like a young girl in a pattern boy, dancing in the air, not only that, its small face. There is also a pair of big eyes like emeralds and a mouth similar to pliers. The body also has a pair of gauze wings and six slender legs, as well as ach, I am still very curious about it: "What is it to eat? What kind of? Is it distributed in those places?" My heart is strange and familiar. Finally, there was a science class that gave me a deeper understanding of this cute, brave little animal. It has more than 5,000 species. Commonly, such as blue-faced oysters, are distributed in Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces; long scorpion green locusts are distributed in North China; Huanghuan is distributed in many provinces; Jathe summer vacation, I met my cousin. When my cousin knew that I really liked it, I said to me, "I like it so much Marlboro Lights. I will take you to a place to make sure you will like it." "Where?" I asked inexplicably. "You will know when you go." The cousin deliberately sold off. I came to the lake with my cousin. What surprised me is that it is all awkward and it is a paradise built by nature! Here, some characters fly freely, one is flying higher than one, like flying a race; some are playing on the lake, one is flying on the other; some are in the flowers In the middle of the dance with the butterfly Cigarette Online, watching their beautiful dance Carton Of Marlboro Reds, like a fairy in the dance to show their beautiful dance in the flowers; and. Ah, here is the underground fairyland and paradise! I was attracted here, as if I was one of these shackles, waving my wings and flying towards a better futurmy cousin woke me up in fantasy, saying, "Like it! This is my secret base. Look at you so much, I will bring you, but now the sun is going down, we should go home. "I just had to reluctantly leave the "Paradms with a good mood. I saw a group of bravely flying, flying higher and higher, flying to the beautiful blue sky and flying to the beautiful future!

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