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From ylq to everyone в 03:53, 17/10/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

My childhood is colorful Marlboro Red, and my childhood is pure and sweet, always making people have unforgettable memoriesmember when I was 5 years old, on a bright spring day, I was playing freely in the room... Suddenly, there was a "beep" sound coming from the hall. I heard the sound coming over and saw my father sitting. On the sofa, I set up Erlang's legs, holding a strange thing in my hand and shaving my beard. I widened my eyes and asked my father confusedly: "Dad, is this something?" "Hey, you ask this is it." This is a little helper who is helping my father to shave his beard!" The voice just fell, and Dad frowned his beard with a smile. It was so enviable. I stood there dumbly, thoughtfully.t morning, after I got up, I accidentally found that my little white dog had long long beards on his lips. My eyes suddenly lit up: Hey, use Dad��s ��super weapons�� to help the puppies hairstyle". I danced for my little cleverness. Just do it, I look around "around" and feel very safe. I took action and I crept to my dad's room. Ha, I found the strange thing with little effort, and I jumped and jumped, how happy I was! When I came to the yard, I grabbed the little white dog, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, and shaved the little white dog's beard after three times. I looked at my "masterpiece" very happy, thinking: after my parents came back, I would definitely praise me a fell, my mother finally got off work. I smiled and told my mother what happened today. After my mother listened, I was so sad that I was really moved by the day. I was really a monk and a monk. My mother said to me with great enthusiasm: "The dog's beard has great help for it. You can't just help you. When you grow up, you will understand the information yourself."ears passed, this was a note in my heart that made me meticulous. Whenever I think about it, I always laugh. This is also a "diary" filled with joy in my heart. Yes, it is everyone who has a lot of first time, the first time to talk Cigarettes For Sale, the first time to walk, the first time to swim... The footprints of these big and small lives will be deeply imprinted in your heart.epest thing in my mind was the first time I played badminton. It was an afternoon. The teacher asked us to play badminton in the physical education class Wholesale Cigarettes. At first I felt that I would not fight, afraid to lose face in front of my classmates, so I didn't want to fight. But after the encouragement of several partners Cigarettes Online, I finally got the took a badminton racket and went to a place where no one was practicing to swing. Courage is still not good. I practiced most of the time, and my arms were sour and sour, just like eating a sour grape. But I am also happy because I finally learned to swing. I thought: This time I must show my skills in front of my classmates.earning to swing, I went to fight with my classmates. I received the first ball accurately. People don't often say: Everything is difficult at the beginning. But I am so accurate, isn��t it a good start? The following is no problem., contrary to expectations, I have not received any of the following balls. My face suddenly went red behind the ear. My heart is also nervous, like a bouncing ball jumping in my body.inton match ended in my failure. I am really self-confident. It began to be full of confidence, just like in the high clouds, but now, the "squeaky" sound falls into the deep bottom. At the beginning, I shouldn't be proud, which led to the result of defeat. Oh, it��s true that pride is behind.mates, don't be proud of what we do in the future. Isn't there an idiom called "Pride is defeated?" I think Newport Cigarettes Coupons, this is to say someone like me. I hope that you are not like me.

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