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From ylq to everyone в 03:53, 17/10/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Today, the weather is clear and clear, and it is also the first time I played chess with my father. I don��t want to mention how happy I am.r dinner, we are ready to play chess. At the beginning, we are still okay, but then we can't help but daddy's attack, but I don't want to be outdone. I put the "car" directly into them. "Hey Online Cigarettes, see what you do," I I know fortunately, but after my father pondered for a while, calmly took the "horse" out. I was amazed. "What is Dad doing?" I was puzzled but didn't say it. I looked at the board and obviously could eat me. The car, but it ran away, "why?" A string of questions came out of my mind. I ate his "image" and never thought of it. My father took a moment and removed the gun. "What medicine is sold in his father's gourd?" I will eat his "horse" successfully, but he doesn't care at all. Instead, he naturally laughs. "I will take you in a while, but I will laugh." But my father only took the "car" to the veteran. I am embarrassed, did not understand what it means, I have been looking at my father, but I am not optimistic about my hometown, really sloppy, my father told me: "Failure is the mother of success Carton Of Marlboro Reds, a failure is nothing," Dad, why did you just put "Ma. The guns are all removed," I asked. At first glance, my father asked me to look at the board. I suddenly understood that if I did not remove the "horse, gun", I would not be able to win. Only the "horse" would be the direct general. "I understand!" "Staying a small family, taking care of everyone", there will be no reward if you don't pay for it. it��s fun to play chess! It can both brainstorm and increase our knowledge. There are many festivals in China, such as the Double Ninth Festival, Children's Day... many shells like the sea, colorful and colorful, among which the most solemn is the Spring Festival. December 29th, New Year's Eve came, and the family rushed to make the dishes of the year. The taste of delicious food was everywhere. The taste spread into everyone's nose and floated into everyone's heart. My family's food is full, there are chickens, ducks... All kinds of dishes appear on my family's table, so people can't help but want to steal a few mouthfuls of such delicious dishes.endured the night and finally endured the night. This is the famous New Year��s Eve Cigarettes Online. On this day, in addition to those who have something to do outside, they have returned to their hometowns and have a reunion dinner with their relatives. There are also many guests who come to my house. Like grandma, grandparents, hustle and bustle... many people, sitting on the stool, eating the dishes, watching the Spring Festival Evening, the taste is good, almost no one sleeps this night, except my brother, sister, must keep the age, fast By 12 o'clock, we count down together: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! The New Year's bell rang and the firecrackers rang. I finally couldn't help but fell asleepNew Year's Eve, the next day is the first day of the first month. I am going to the relatives' house to celebrate the New Year. I bought a gift and went to my grandmother's house. My grandmother seems to know that I am coming Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I have already prepared a big red envelope and smiled. Handed it to me, I also said a thank you, received a red envelope Cheap Cigarettes. Next, I went to my grandmother's house and my aunt's house. Everyone was very happy. I, the red envelope also took a lot.the next few days, it is generally eaten and eaten, and the food is estimated to be fat..the fifteenth day of the first month, Yuan Zhen arrived. On this day, a lantern festival was held in Wansong Mountain. There are various lights everywhere, but it is beautiful. On this day, I also want to eat rice balls. The dumplings cooked by my mother are delicious! the Spring Festival, everyone was very happy, eating, drinking, and very leisurely. On the 16th of the first month, everyone was getting busy. The Spring Festival was a festival that looked forward to, hoped, and soon left.

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