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From ylq to everyone в 10:30, 28/11/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

The annual sports meeting has finally arrived. Everyone came very early today. Everyone brought a lot of delicious food Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. Everyone was very happy. When the teacher came, she took us down to the playground Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. People are looking forward to the arrival of the game.irst game started, it was a 100-meter sprint, which started with Zheng Kuncheng, our three-year three-class class. Come on, refuel, refuel, with a slogan, start the gun, initiate the order, and start. They rushed forward like bullets, and like a wild horse with a slurry, rushing to the finish. final sprint, Zheng Kuncheng was overtaken by others and only got third.second game was Long Jump, Ye Jiazhe, and the long jump was not very good, but he worked hard Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Although he only got the 4th place, his opponent was very powerful, far more than the people in our class.s two hundred meters away. I don��t know if the people in our class can get the second place. It started. At the beginning, Chen Hongwei didn��t know if he could keep it. Chen Hongwei, come on, come on, come on. In the end, I ning is an annoyance for some people, but I think learning is a compulsory course in life. We can't escape it. Then we accept it, can study hard and learn happily. The book is a good teacher and friend of people. Do you reject your second teacher? Shakespeare once said that books are lunch when people are hungry. As long as you don't think of learning as an annoyance, you don't let a happy heart be killed by the pain of learning Buy Newport Cigarettes, but use this kind of fatigue as a kind of knowledge Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale, as a kind of life experience, as a kind of happiness, a kind of enjoyment, so that learning And happy and natural flying. Therefore, the combination of work and rest is what I advocate! We should learn and learn to play, so that we can learn and rest, why not? With diligent cultivation and happiness, we will live up to the rare learning experience, let us learn happily, grow up happily, and fight for our ideals!

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