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From ylq to everyone в 11:13, 10/12/18 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

As the saying goes, "One year's plan lies in spring." The new year has arrived. Our class has carried out activities for campaign cadres. I left to think about it and decided to run for the math class representative. in the class, a good partner of my classmates, and a small assistant who is a good teacher. Excellent academic performance, but not a person who can only die, and take responsibility seriously Marlboro Usa Price. I am fully developed and like a lot of things, such as reading extracurricular books, singing, I have the ability to take this position. Because I have been fascinated with mathematics since I was in elementary school. I think mathematics is so magical, it is so subtle, and it is still so interesting. Coupled with the cultivation of teachers and the counseling of mom and dad, I have learned many textbooks Carton Of Newport Shorts Price. Knowledge, I will work with you to learn this knowledge Newports 100S Price. And every time in math class, I always listen carefully and speak positively. This is obvious to everyone. In the future, I will study harder, strive for better results, and win glory for the class. And my math scores have always been at the top, so I think I am the best a mathematics class representative, I will study mathematics knowledge with everyone, explore the mystery of the mathematics kingdom, make a breakthrough in the mathematics achievements of our class, and strive to be among the best in the school year. If I can't choose, I won't be discouraged. I will continue to work hard to overcome my own deficiencies and make myself a talent for the motherland, the people, and the society. People often say that "attitude determines everything." In the days to come, I will get rid of the bad habits and let you see a brand new one. Please turn your sacred eyes to me! - Choose me, not wrong!peech is over, thank you all! My name is XX, a sixth-grade student at Xinyi Primary School. My topic is "Civil Etiquette on Campus."oment when you step into the campus and see a piece of paper on the ground and throw it into the garbage bin; when you are washing your hands, you and I will give you each other. The moment we wash first Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. Since ancient times, China has a reputation of ��an ancient civilization and a state of ceremonies.�� It speaks of civilization and understands the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation. It can express the moral cultivation of a person. The bridge of friendship between people, the ceremonial rituals of March in this fullool's red scarf supervision post came to the school gate early, smiling and greeted every teacher and every classmate who came to the school. Good morning, principal. good morning teacher. . Hello classmates, what a sweet smile, how kind greetings. One voice, one sentence. Surrounded by a campus. Looking at the campus, the classmates of the 21st class have already rushed to the tool room to come up with tools to clean up the campus. Hey, there is a classmate who has dropped a breakfast box. Hey, it��s a first-year classmate. "Small classmate, hello, please throw that breakfast box into the trash can?" After giving the little classmate a smile. The child hurriedly picked up the breakfast box and threw it into the trash. : "Thank you, you are such a good boy."ion, in the classroom, the corridor entrance, the teacher's office, and civility etiquette can be seen everywhere on the campus. I remember that I once saw such a thing at the entrance of the corridor: a female student came with a stack of thick homework, and it can be seen that the height of the homework is higher than the height of the female classmate. She tries to avoid people and keep her mouth. He always said: "Let, let trouble, borrow." Although many people have let female students, but then several male students chased in the corridor entrance, did not hear the voice of female students. "Hey," the male student encountered the assignment of the female classmate. The homework was scattered all over the place: "I'm sorry, sorry, we didn't mean it." He said nod. "The female classmates looked at them and smiled sweetly and said, "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter." Then, everyone picked up the homework together and left with a smile.hank you" has brought people closer to each other and produced beauty; a "sorry" has solved the conflict of tion is the wind, it can blow the hearts of every student; civilization is a flower, it can dress the campus more beautiful! In March, when the flowers are full, the students let us act! Start with the little things around us, start with our words and deeds. New century Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale, new era, new civilization, new campus. We will provoke the mission of inheriting civility and etiquette, and will not lose sight of this beautiful campus that educates us. Let the flower of civility and etiquette be open everywhere on campus!

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