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From ylq to everyone в 04:13, 16/02/19 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

In a blink of an eye, my elementary school life is coming to an end. In my past study life, all the teachers and teachers I have experienced are excellent. But there is a teacher standing out from the crowd, her surname is Yang. Teacher Yang is a young and beautiful female teacher.lts often say: "Huang Jing sticks out a good person, can't beat it." Perhaps this is the case. In the face of students who make mistakes, some teachers are bound to take a little violent measures Cartons Of Marlboro Reds. But Teacher Yang is different. She used persuasion education, and the students made mistakes. Teacher Yang never used sticks to solve problems Marlboro 100 Carton Price. In order to make the students convinced, Teacher Yang will tell him stories, make assumptions, and use reason to convince. acher Yang is very humorous in class. The students liked her in class very much. Every time I went to her language class, I listened with great interest. It was especially fascinating, as if all the articles had become a story, let us immerse ourselves in the story and fully integrate into the classroom. After class, Teacher Yang will take the time to communicate with us, talk about our performance in the classroom, or our requirements for her. If the time is longer, she will work with us to play table tennis with boys. In order to compete with the teacher in the table tennis skills, some naughty boys have to work hard to complete the learning task and have the opportunity to "trick" with Teacher Yang.cher Yang cares for every student. I still remember the day of the next semester last year. When I was going to school, my classmates were sitting still Cost Of Carton Marlboro 100, as if waiting for something to come. At this time, I saw Teacher Yang hurried into the classroom, carrying a box in his hand and walking straight to me. She placed the box on my desk and gently stroked my head with my hand. I leaned over to my ear and said softly to me: "Happy birthday to you!" At that moment, I was simply stunned, and then there was a surge in my heart: How did the teacher know my birthday?! Later, Teacher Yang led the whole class. The classmates sang a birthday song for my left-behind student. I have never had a parent who is lacking in love. I suddenly have tears in my eyes, and the tears of Beans can't help but circulate. Later, I learned that Teacher Yang had come back after a special meeting in another school. However, a few left-behind children in our class, Mr. Yang are always on the mind, so that we are no longer alone and enjoy the same. Care. the new semester arrived, I entered the classroom and found out that it was not Teacher Yang who greeted us. One inquiries, we only know: Teacher Yang has been transferred to other schools. I dropped my homework and went crazy to find Teacher Yang. I was looking for it on the first floor. Finally, I found Teacher Yang in the office. Teacher Yang is packing the luggage. I rushed over and hugged Yang, and shouted: "Teacher!" Tears couldn��t stop flowing Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online, and the teacher��s clothes were wet for a moment. Teacher Yang turned around. Come, gently tear me away for me, comfort me: "Xiaojiao, you are a sensible child, you should understand that people always grow up. Dry their tears and welcome the arrival of new teachers. I believe in new The teacher will do better than Yang, and you will learn better! Come, let us pull." shook my head, just crying hard, I don't know when, other students came to the office door, everyone, when Teacher Yang left, we always sent her to the car until the car disappeared. We all watched her direction for a long time.ome people say: "Teachers are hard gardeners, selflessly cultivate the flowers of our motherland, let us thrive." Some people said: "The teacher is a ladder Wholesale Carton Cigarettes, let us climb step by step." Someone said: "The teacher is a candle, Burn yourself and illuminate others." I don't think these are enough. I would add: "The teacher is the spring sun, and the light of love is spread all over the corner." Isn't it?

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