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From ylq to everyone в 04:13, 16/02/19 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

c of the school, when the class teacher Pan went into the classroom, he was followed by a little girl carrying a school bag. I saw her wearing a well-fitting dress, a small shackle, a thick lip and a big eye, and it looked nothing different. Only she always used her fingers to lick her lower lip. Teacher Pan pointed at her and said, "This is a new transfer of Jiang Jian, she just came, I hope everyone can help each other in all aspects." Said, pointing to the seat next to me, called the little girl to sit. I looked stunned, what? A strange female student sat next to me, this, this... I am really not happy.r class, the students went out to work. Only Jiang Jian sat up in the seat and turned the book. Several enthusiastic female students invited her to play. Jiang Jian blushes and refuses naturally. For a few days, she is like this. I am the squad leader. If I see this, I am really overwhelmed. Jiang Jian was in class, he could listen carefully and think carefully about the problem. Whenever someone answers a question, she always frowns from time to time, sometimes revealing a smile. Once the teacher raised a difficult question, the students thought about it and could not find the correct answer. I have also considered it for a long time and always feel that the answer is not appropriate. The classroom was silent, and a few minutes passed. The teacher scanned the whole class and finally turned his expectations to me Wholesale Carton Cigarettes. I was even more panicked, so I had no choice but to hang my head and my face was burning. Looking at my co-location, I found that the Jiang boat was holding his lower lip again. Suddenly she raised her hand and the white round face became red. She stood up and answered the teacher's room loudly. She replied so clearly, so organized and accurate. The students were surprised and envious of her return. Ithis way, Jiang Jian like a magnet, attracted a lot of classmates with great attraction Marlboro 100 Carton Price, and also attracted me tightly Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online. Through a period of contact, I have increasingly found that Jiang Jian not only learns well, but also excels in other aspects Newport Cigarettes On Apple time, a classmate vomited because of a cold, and an unpleasant smell of suffocating scented, and several students smoked their faces and covered their noses. At this moment, I saw Jiang Jian��s cheeks red, and stood up without hesitation. He shoveled the sand outside and used the broom to sweep the dirty dirt out of the room. Her actions deeply touched the teachers and classmates. It also made me feel embarrassed and upset. Seriously, I regret that my squad leader did not take the lead and let a new female classmate do this kind of thing.t on this day, the school has to select a good student to go to the field to visit. How glorious is this? In the past elections, everyone always chose me. This time? My heart is very nervous, because I and Jiang Jian vote for the number of oranges. At the crucial moment. I saw Jiang Jian holding his hand on his lower lip. Her action seemed to free her from the predicament. Every time she showed wisdom and strength, it seemed to be generated from this movement. She stood up and didn't speak. Two red clouds had already flown to her face. I was surprised that she was afraid that the honor was taken away by her, but she said seriously. "Zhan Ying is the squad leader. He has excellent academic performance. He often tutors me and helps me. This visit should be done by him." I listened to her nervously and finished talking. She is so sincere and so earnest. I was touched, and choosing not to choose me became less important Marlboro Red 100S Cigarettes Online. Jiang Jian��s words are engraved on my heart. My eyes are wet, my eyes are blurred, my face is burning. I saw that Jiang Jian��s figure was so tall, her golden heart was shining.

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