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From ylq to everyone в 05:44, 16/03/19 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Life, like a cup of tea, won't last a lifetime, but it will be a bitter night. I smell the fragrance of Maitreya, look at the moonlight outside the window, listen to nature, the most beautiful rhythm. The most wonderful one is the purity of the first rhythm, and I always feel that I am very happy, and I feel very satisfied. And the life of many literati should be very painful? Perhaps it is because they are too much and sentimental. If they leave the sensitive heart, they will not be literati. "Lonely and profound, the intestines are thousands of inches. Hey. When you go to Chunchun, there are some rains. Asked how many monks can be, just like a river of spring water, has flowed to the east. Whenever the night is quiet, entangled around, there is only the chill of this silk and the lonely three-five old friends, if a life I can get one on the road, also a teacher, a friend, and a Bole. I will be enough to comfort people who can��t stay in this dusty wind. Let it go, don��t stay. People who can��t keep it, don��t have to What are you involved in? The emotional thing has been since ancient times Cigarettes Types, there is no eternal, nothing to talk about is what is owed, what is getting light, not as we gently walk, I have never taken away a cloud. When I was born, there was nothing. When I left, what would we take away? "Ye will be yellow, people will be old", and have you ever met someone who does not know how to hurt you Newport 100S Cigarettes, you I have to pay for the person blindly Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Isn��t it better to dig out from my heart than to ask for anything else? In fact Marlboro Cigarettes Website, what kind of taste is ��one home�� for me in these years, I am actually a little bit I have long remembered that I can��t remember whether it��s between my parents or my sister. There are still some subtle connections, and I have no way to appreciate what it is, but also, I would like to associate with what I know, wait for you alone, and smash one after another, the cold summer heat of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Lushan wading and piously approaching, one sand and another desert, one mountain and one water; one word and one word, one person and one heart; one realizes another quiet, those bloods that are thicker than water, I think, have long been Make a bowl of water that can be flattened at both ends. "It��s like a spring, it��s as clear as a bright one." It��s all in the same way! It��s not owed to each other. It��s already gone, isn��t it? You��re still stupid. I am holding on to them. I am not afraid of people, I am suffering, and I have nothing to worry about. Therefore, I have always believed that, "Everyone who comes to this world must be carrying What kind of mission comes." Or as light as a feather, or heavier than Taishan. Just recently these two days, I often hear my mom saying where she is going. I don't like someone in my ear. Oh, parents are no exception. People who are used to being quiet and living alone are a bit broken. I also don��t want to be disturbed by my mom��s coming back for more than four months, and I��m going to go out now; I feel like I can return to the era of freedom. In fact, I��m still very happy. Because of her time at home, let me also Being so uncomfortable; in such a few years Newports Cigarettes Price, a person has become accustomed to it, but he really does not want to be disturbed. When he is a three-pronged woman, he is left behind. I really don��t know what they are talking about and what they want to do. "The eyes are not seen, The ear doesn't listen to it." And my father, at least separated, has nearly "fourteen years", that is, from the age of fourteen. Now it is also twenty-eight. With my mother, it is closer to In the past five years, I have counted the days when I live alone. In fact, from the beginning of my memo, they are even more strange to them. Just because they grew up, they didn��t manage how to deal with me. Described as the "Wanderings" of the Mengjiao in the Tang Dynasty, "the mother-in-law line, the wandering clothes." Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return. Who is arrogant, and reported to San Chunhui. "Mother and child love, I think it is most appropriate. In fact, what is the situation, no one can study the topic of "Fate" and the good, is because the filial piety is to live by yourself, live yourself. Parents, what they want to do, and what they think, we only do not interfere, do not bother. Do not add some to them, but the troubles are particularly economic problems; It is a kind of "filial piety" that I finally think and think.

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