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From ylq to everyone в 05:44, 16/03/19 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Some are lost, always lingering in your heart, you don't mention it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you. Some stories, obviously only the tragic ending, but also deceive yourself, you do not admit, it does not matter, the reality of the cold wind will blow the fantasy into reality Newports 100S. Some words are thought to be a vow, and they represent the unswerving. In fact, when you look back and read it, you understand that the original people are just talking about the existing people. You wait for a while and wait for a lifetime. Some people, You got his less than his heart; and some people, you think that he loves you very much, in fact, he just hasn't been honest; some people, the longer you wait, the deeper you hurt, the more you suffer Suffering from his siege, grief you recognize, lonely, etc. But what have you waited for? Waiting for the spring to go to the autumn, the glory of the years? When the youth is gone, when the age is no longer, the wrinkles on the face? No, don��t wait for the love without results, Struggling in the past, I don��t want to live in the past. It��s better to forget about the rivers and lakes. Since then, I have lived a good life for myself. I live in this colorful world. Don��t close my heart for an unreachable person. I will block myself in the darkness, feel the warmth of the sun, and can't see the smile of the flower. I can choose a trip that says I will go, not to go to the ends of the earth, see the cloud roll cloud Shu I don��t want to travel long distances and feel the wonderful world. Just take a country road, watch the wind blow the wheat waves, listen to the birds singing, and see the farmer wearing a straw hat busy. Perhaps you will find that life is so simple, just a sadness for a while, so that you think too hard for the future, always listen to sweet words, but forget what you really want, not false, but accompany. Some people say that companionship is the most long-lasting confession Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. Love, nothing more. Don't feel guilty about the sweet words you used to, don't feel sad about the difference now. Since he refuses to go with you, why not find a new partner? Life is not like this? Who will not meet a few people can pay for one person Your whole heart is not asking for reward, not you are stupid, but innocent. Do you think that your sincerity will care? You think that you have done a lot for him. Will he keep you in your heart? No, no, this world is always like this, you like him, he doesn't like you. You can give him your sincerity, but he may ignore it. If so, instead of struggling, it is better to give up this long journey of life as soon as possible, we always learn a lot of things, but can't learn to let go Cheap Newports, always feel unwilling, always feel sad. But those heavy memories can't be left, can you keep them? When you can't count how long the sad days have passed, let's throw those heavy burdens behind the wind, then lighten you. When you are truly relieved, look at the world again. Perhaps the sadness of the past has changed to the present Cheap Cigarette. In fact, when your heart is full of sunshine, there is sorrow that the sun can't comfort. One person, don't waste your youth for a person who has already left. After all Newport Menthol Cigarettes, youth is not long, and there is so much time to go. Grasp your time and discover the beauty of the world. Otherwise, when the wrinkles grow quietly, the vain at the moment will only turn into a deep despair.

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