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From Aleksandr to everyone в 15:37, 04/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Last weekend I’ve seen the last "Mummy" sequel: "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". In spite of first two "Mummies", which has been written and filmed by Stephen Sommers, the last part has been done by other people and even cast got important replacement. Film was directed by Rob Cohen, known for me by "XxX" and "Fast and Furiuos" films and screenplay made by two writers, occasionally working together like in "Spider-Man 2" or "Loaded weapon 4". Some kind of sequel writer team. But the most important change has been done in cast of the last "Mummy", when Eve O’Connel, played by Rachel Weisz in first two parts, has been played by other actress: Maria Bello. I’ve seen Maria Bello only in one movie before the Mummy. It was "Paycheck" with Mel Gibson, where she played some kind of elite prostitute. It was a 10 years ago and looks like those 10 years wasn’t like a one day for Maria. The fact of replacement of main actress with other one looks weird for viewers. Usually when actor refuse or can’t act in the sequel of the movie, he’s killed by writers in the time between movie parts, or his appearance change is interlaced with movie script, like it was in "Matrix 3". Why it hasn’t been done in "Mummy", I don’t know. The problem is not only in fact of replacement, but that Maria Bello is and looks older than Brandan Fraser, who’s playing her husband. And it looked really silly in the beginning of the movie, when Maria Bello trying to play Rachel Weisz, playing Eve o’Connel. Some time later, when action comes in, it’s not so notable, but anyway. The main movie action takes place in 10 years after second "Mummy", and unlike first two parts, in China. Probably it’s because producers wanted get in the Chinese movie market, but I don’t know. The role of Alex O’Connel, adult son of Rick and Eve, has been given to the big Australian guy Luke Ford and main villain to Jet Li. They both played their roles well, as for me. I won’t reveal the plot of the movie to not spoil the pleasure to those, who hasn’t seen it yet, just say that plot is absolutely worth of first parts, photography and special effects are really good too. There is nothing extraordinary, just nice action. Absolutely recommend to all fans of the "Mummy" series and sequels. But be ready to meet new Eve.

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