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From willy to Aleksandr в 12:25, 24/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Alexander, Do you know how many time this criminals out Osetia an Abchazia have attack in TIblisi Do you know this persons, hae you stay ther before, wel I did an stay there an know this persons, criminals with a RUSSIAN PASPORT this people stay un legal on the GEORGIA TERROTARY ...This persons pay nothing to TIBLISSI all with corruption with The Russian soldiers. Have Putin right before to bomb GORI ? An now give he support on the same criminals what live in GORI before Willy

Legally South Ossetia is Georgian territory just as the Basque area of Spain is Spanish territory. ETA the terrorist organisation wants autonomy for the Basque area of Spain.
Very good example. The point is not who is politicaly wrong or right. There is no such things, everyone following it's own interest. The point is that Spain IS NOT using rocket artillery to attack Vitoria-Gasteiz because of ETA. The point is that even when EVIL USSR wanted to change Afganistan government, they didn't started from bombing Kabul with artillery, but sent special forces to do it. And Georgian-weared osetians couldn't start attack of Tskhinvali, because it has been done not with soldiers, but with rocket artillery. And Saakashvili acknowledged that he ordered to do it.

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From Aleksandr to willy в 12:26, 24/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

I read this letter an found a complete different situation,This letter is not true an full with lies.

Which letter ?

Every person is looking for peace But the former Georgian persons Now Russian live on the Georgian terrotary ! I stay in this part an know this ciminals verrywell,an this persons have be fighting to the legal Georgian pertsons near Tiblissi.

Before writing, check history. They are not more Georgian territories than Georgia is Russian territory. They wanted to separate in the same time, even bit earlier. But the problem is that independence of Georgia been recognized, and their were not.

Again Ossetia an Abcazia is a GEORGIAN TERRITORY an the RUssian soldiers have nothing to do there, But the problem from PUTIN an MEDEVEV is this When she bring back the soldier out GORY ...complete destroid with Russian bombs killed there more than 70.000 persons ...than must she stay home with the killing mentality, an all the Generals have no money from Heroine.

Please, keep your fantasies somewhere else. Where 70k people and heroine come from ? And consider this as a WARNING.

Now want Russian make her territory bigger with OSETIA an ACHAZIA, that is the problem. Russia want have the hands an all this persons with pressing corrupt See Ukraine gas ? Electric ? an more, Russia have no right to stay in a territory from GEORGIA , an when people have a RUSSIAN PASPORT than must she leave this country soon an fast Than have we peace !!

Before discussing something, it's nice to read some history of the problem. No need to post here your anti-USSR unrealized dreams, ok ?

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From Kostik to Aleksandr в 06:06, 02/09/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

For all of you who are unhappy with what Russia did I 'll say it didn't do anything that hasn't been done by US in recent times. If you 're so objective and like justice so much then you should be equally detested with both. Both countries defend and promote their national interests and kudos to them for doing that as far as I 'm concerned. To me it's like either everybody does it or nobody otherwise all this talk is just plain pathetic.

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