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From Peter to everyone в 16:28, 14/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

An alternative viewpoint of what the newspapers and mass media in general says is just that... an alternative viewpoint!!!! DO ANY OF YOU ACTUALLY CARE???? FOLLOW THE LINK AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! This is YOUR world.... this is a dating site...true!!!! But you want to have children do you not????? You meet some woman (OR MAN) and you have babies.... that is how it usually goes! If you have children then you should consider the world you are bringing them into and decide whether you want to lie down like a dog and believe what you are fed (by the media) ... or choose what you feed on... and thus feed to your children! Here is some alternative media reports from what is on the MASS MEDIA! A Path to Peace in the Caucasus By Mikhail Gorbachev What happened on the night of Aug. 7 is beyond comprehension. The Georgian military attacked the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali with multiple rocket launchers designed to devastate large areas. Russia had to respond. To accuse it of aggression against "small, defenseless Georgia" is not just hypocritical but shows a lack of humanity. US, Allies Weigh Punishment for Russia By MATTHEW LEE Scrambling to find ways to punish Russia for its invasion of pro-Western Georgia, the United States and its allies are considering expelling Moscow from an exclusive club of powerful nations and canceling an upcoming joint NATO-Russia military exercise, Bush administration officials said Tuesday. From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Cheney: "Russian Aggression Must Not Go Unanswered" "The vice president expressed the United States' solidarity with the Georgian people and their democratically elected government in the face of this threat to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Cheney's office said in a statement. Bush's War in Georgia Will it be the Flyswatter or the Blunderbuss? By Mike Whitney Sometimes war provides clarity. That's certainly true in this case. After this weekends fighting, everyone in the Russian political establishment knows that Washington is willing to sacrifice thousands of innocent civilians and plunge the entire region into chaos to achieve its geopolitical objectives.

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