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From Aleksandr to everyone в 18:04, 14/08/08 Reply | Reply in new thread | Edit

Here is a sarcastic situation description by Dmitry 'Goblin' Puchkov based on news reports: It’s easy: western countries and USA got serious interests in all places around the world. USA interested not only in Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Baltic countries. They interested hardly even in Tibet. USA interested in everything what is not under USA control and ruled from there. For example, situation in Shambhala, which is not under USA control, and mahatms temporary meditate not on democracy in US definition, but on something strange. And it should be changed for sure… But Russia has no right on interests anywhere, including on its own territory. Every shithead can decide to separate from Russia, and all Western countries will support him for sure. It doesn’t matter who is this: sick-head Dudaev, or for example Tatar nationalists, everyone can go free from ages of Russian occupation. Is this a big deal that Tatarstan is in the middle of the Russia? What Russia? What are you talking about? Don’t you know that it’s a prison of nations? Well read "Archipelag GULAG", there is all truth about what Russians has done to Tatars, so apologize immediately and declare independence. Interests of Russia in Osetia? Read "Archipelag GULAG", there is all truth about what Russians done to Osetians, so immediately apologize and declare Georgia independence. If you haven’t read "Archipelag GULAG", turn Russian TV on and mr. Svanidze will tell it to you. It’s really easy: in the beginning to tell how hard everyone suffered from communism with facts at hands (check "Archipelag GULAG" , than explain that to rise up economics, destroyed by USSR disbandment you need to restore nationalism, than grow it up to ridiculous proportions and after that to go kill Russians. It should be obvious to everyone, that real guilty is not communism, but Russians – that is what "Archipelag GULAG" about, that is what well known analytics talking about on TV. Russians are responsible for everything. Until Russia got army and fleet, there can’t be any Russian interests anywhere, including Russian territory. If you don’t agree – open "Archipelag GULAG", there is all truth inside it. Russia should be torn to pieces, army and fleet should be destroyed and those pieces should be ruled by puppets like gauleiter of Georgia – Saakashvili. In other way valiant David will jump on you and you’ll die. And if you don’t want a good way, will be the bad way. And don’t resist, you’ll make things worse. But till now, there is a sour tangerine in Georgians David sling. Original in Russian:

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