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What is dating scam and who are dating scammers ?

Well, my experience of managing free dating site last half year brought me some ideas and thoughts i'd like to share with you.

Geography of scammers.

On our site scammers mostly (99%) coming from 3 geographic regions:

1) Central Africa. I guess i've got less than 5 real singles from some african countries. But in half year i've blocked about hundred scammers from there. After i got such statistic i've decided to block african subnets at all. Mostly they are:
- Republic of Ghana
- Ivory coast / Cte d'Ivoire
- Nigeria
- Burkina Faso
- Senegal
- Gambia

Scam from there is mostly so-called 'African scam'. It's about some huge deposit of money in african bank, but to obtain it u need to pay a bit.
Other version: is poor beautiful girl got to africa, lost her money and can't come back to be yours.

2) Lugansk, Ukraine
Sexy photos -> Polite sexy talks about nothing -> I like you SOOO MUCH -> Gimme the money for something...

3) Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Same scheme as Lugansk one. 

There are some more scammers places but very few of them. 

How to recognize SCAMMER. Some useful signs.

1) Most scammers pretending sexy girls/women.
2) First impression is going from photo. Look at photo. Try to describe it in one word. If this word is - boobies/sexy/omg hot hot. it's +1 she/he is scammer
3) If you see that all photos made in different interiors and all looks like from magazine (no life photos or photos not from one studio set), it's +1 she/he is scammer
4) If you see one single sexy photo. +1 she/he is scammer
5) If woman/girl with sexy photos contact you first, well, man. Depends on your personality ofc, but anyway +1 she/he is scammer
6) If woman's first mail is unpersonalized, not addressed to you exactly (not using your name, specific profile details), it's possible SPAM/SCAM
7) Once again, accept it. Sexy girls usually don't look for guys. But waiting to be found. And they have no problems with men's attention.
8) If woman/girl want to get ANY money, For ANYTHING - it's fake and scam. Reason can be really dramatic: sick mom or child for example. Meet first. And would be better if your or her meeting tour and apartments will be arranged by some tour-operator and paid by yourself (if you pay the money). Dont' save them by following promises to make it's twice cheaper and so on. U can just lose your money.
9) If she want's gifts or something, please keep in mind that it's gift to unknown anonymous person who posted profile and photos on the website. 
10) If first message looks like "you may contact me by email" it's really possible scammer, who want' to move out of dating site to avoid automatic scam/spam detection mechanisms.
11) if you moved from dating site to the emails exchange, try to search her email on . You can be really surprised. Also if you know how to view originating IP address in email headers, u may check it where it's came from on for example.

Paid sites vs. Free sites

Just keep in mind that all big sites built to make a business. To earn money. 
Free sites. usually earns on additional services or advertisements. And they interested just in more customers and good responses from ex-customers.
Paid sites. they earns money on memberships and/or contacts selling. So their work is to interest people to pay. To do it some sites post fake photos, fake profiles with nice boobies. Sexy girls contacts you and waiting for you behind the payment. And disclaimer frees such sites from any responsibility. So no different between free and paid except spending money. Sometimes really big money.

About gold diggers

Gold diggers are real persons. You can meet them and spend some time together. But their purpose is not creating family. The just want to get some money/car/flat/jewels. Depends on your pocket.

My opinion is that it's outside of dating services. It's just between men and women. And it's up to you how you deal each other.

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