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Why my profile has been blocked and what can I do ?

Every day I'm blocking profiles and sometimes they are being blocked automatically. Before asking support about profile block, check list below:
  1. Photos. This is most popular reason. If you:
    • Uploaded only studio/professional photos.
    • Uploaded someone's else photos.
    • Repeately uploaded photos which been deleted by moderator.
    • Uploaded any adult photos.
    • Uploaded photo with contact information on it.
    • Uploaded some silly picture instead of photo.
    Than you profile was blocked because of photo. And WON'T BE REOPENED. "My photos" section contains plain and simply photo requirements. This site is non profitable and maintained by 1 man. And i have no time to explain to everyone same things multiple times. If you are not smart enough to follow simple rules, or can't handle your artist individuality than you should look for another website where you can do anything you want to.

  2. Descriptions. If you've specified contact information in description, than your profile is blocked because of this and WON'T BE REOPENED.

  3. Living place. If you've not specified your living place during registration and wrote something like 'wherever' or 'everywhere' or etc., your profile is blocked because of this and WON'T BE REOPENED..

  4. SPAM, ads, prostitution, etc. This site was built ONLY for individual romantic dating. For ads, help to poors and sick, job offers and so on there are lot of other websites.

  5. Your email address. Our website checking automatically if your e-mail box is not working (full/unavailable/blocked). And if website sent to you about 10 notifications, and got failure messages on all of them, your profile will be blocked. You have chance to re-open it in 7 days after blocking. Than you profile will be deleted permanently.
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