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I've got a problem with multimedia messages.

On the page below we describe common problems our customers face, when trying to send voice/video messages.

To record the voice and/or video message on our site you need:

  1. A microphone, connected to your computer.
  2. A camera or webcam to be able to record a video message.
  3. To have the Adobe FlashPlayer browser plugin installed. This plugin is free and can be installed from here. (browser is the program you navigating internet: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, etc...)


To record a voice message you need to attach a microphone to your computer. Usually microphone connecting to the pink/red socket of sound card in the backside of your computer. If you are using a notebook computer, it's most likely microphone is built in your notebook.


To be able record a video message you need a camera and video capture card or a webcam. Just plug it into your computer.

Adobe FlashPlayer

To use the multimedia abilities of our site, you need to set up the Adobe Flash Player, version 9 or better. FlashPlayer is a small free plugin, that allowes you to list and record audio and video, play flash games and so on. You may install Flash Player just few clicks, from Adobe website. Just click small 'Get Adobe Flash Player' button below.
Click here to install Adobe Flash Player

Automatic set up

Adobe Flash Player setting window. Click Allow to be able record a voice message. After you click a 'Record' button, u'll probably see the window of Adobe Flash Player Settings, shown on the picture. It's asking you to permit our site acess to your microphone and/or webcam. To be able to record messages, you need to allow it by clicking 'Allow' button.

Manual setting up

In some occasions settings window don't open automaticaly. In such cases you need to set up settings manually. Also you may need the maual settings to ajust your microphone/webcam settings.

To configure FlashPlayer manually, follow these steps:

Choose Settings in the context menu 1) Point your mouse to the white place above status text and right click to open context menu. In the context menu choose Settings.

Settings window. Choose Allow and Remember 2) In window opened, choose Allow, to allow our site to record your message, and Remember, to save this settings for next site visit.

3) In the bottom part of Adobe Flash Player Settings there are four tabs:

  • Privacy
  • Disk space
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

To check your microphone settings, choose the microphone tab. On the microphone tab you may choose proper sound device and ajust your microphone recording volume. To check that your micriophone is working, just say something to it. The equalizer in the left part of the volume slider should respond to your voice. If equalizer is not responding, there are few possible reasons::

  • Your microphone is not working
  • Your microphone is not attached correctly to your computer. Check cable and socket. Check you computer manual to see, how to attach the microphone to your computer.
  • Your operation system record settings are not correct. Use your operation system help to see how to record voice from the microphone and how to ajust record devices and volumes.

4) In the webcam section, you may choose your webcam to use for recording.

After configuring FlashPlayer, press Close button, refresh message page by clicking Ctrl+R or F5 and try to record voice message again. We hope that everything will be ok now.

In case you read this document, did everything you could, but still unable to record a voice/video message, don't hesitate to contact us. Important: if you will write to support about this issue, provide us so much technical details as you can. It will helps our technicans to fix the issue.

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